The Covid-19 vaccination advertising campaign in France

Olivier Veran announced during his trip to Essonne on March 6th, the launch of an advertising campaign in the coming days to encourage French people to get vaccinated. And on March 9th, he then published the video spot on his twitter account:  

In this campaign, we see little children jumping into their grandmother's arms without masks. This scene refers to the moments you could share with your grandmother before the VIDOC-19 pandemic. This vision turns out to be the dream of a grandmother who is in the process of being vaccinated in anticipation of the reunion with her family. Then we hear the slogan "Because we all dream of getting together, let's get vaccinated".

A strong and moving spot with a beautiful song by Gilbert Bécaud in the background. The advertising campaign aims to support the government's acceleration of the roll-out of vaccination throughout the country and is run by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. The clip will be broadcast on TV channels and was produced on the same model as the previous communication campaign to enforce the respect of barrier gestures.

The spot will also be broadcast on radio and social networks. Until now, leaflets had been left in vaccination centers and doctors' surgeries with the message "Covid-19 vaccine: vaccinate yourself, protect yourself". Weekly meetings are also organised every Thursday with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health to inform the French people about the current situation (restrictions, forthcoming vaccination campaign deadlines, etc.).

Covid-19 vaccination advertising campaigns around the world

A little further ahead than in France, it was the United States that launched the first advertising campaign to encourage Americans to get vaccinated against Covid-19 on 25 February 2021. This campaign was widely broadcast on television, radio and social networks. In the United Kingdom, Elton John and Michael Caine are trying to convince the British public of the reliability and effectiveness of vaccines.

In Germany, a campaign has been launched for doctors and health workers and another campaign is planned more widely for the entire young population when vaccination is generalised. 

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