4 reasons why you should use Amazon Advertising

The American giant has recorded exceptional growth in its advertising revenues, which have exceeded €12 billion in 2020. This successful exercise has made Amazon Advertising the number 3 advertising platform behind (the unstoppable?) Google and Facebook. As we head into a year that promises to be more active than ever in the digital advertising sector, we offer 4 good reasons to advertise with Amazon Ads.

  1. To be present on one of the pillars of digital advertising
  2. Unprecedented growth
  3. Amazon Advertising Platform: Intuitive to Use
  4. A BtoB channel that is just as efficient

To be present on one of the pillars of digital advertising

Facebook and Google may be shaking. The first reason why we highly recommend communicating on Amazon is probably the most logical. For a company in the BtoC sector that wants to promote its products, communicating on Facebook Ads and Adwords is generally a reflex. Amazon Advertising is well on its way to becoming the third pillar of digital advertising. Considering the growth rate observed in 2020 with an increase in advertising revenues of 23.5% despite the pandemic and ambitions on the BtoB market, Amazon Advertising will soon become an essential part of media strategies.

Evolution revenus pub Amazon ads 2018-2022

Unprecedented growth

Amazon's advertising service has been available for over 8 years. Thanks to clever updates to its advertising formats and campaign manager, Amazon Advertising has achieved record performance. In the year 2020, the platform recorded a turnover of 12.75 billion dollars! These impressive figures point to a bright future for the Seattle giant.

Some analysts even estimate that the advertising service will surpass the revenues generated by Amazon Web Services by 2021.

Amazon Advertising Platform: Intuitive to Use

Plateforme pub Amazon

The handling of campaigns on Amazon's advertising tool is also one of its strong points. If you have experience on Facebook Ads and/or Google Adwords, then you will have no difficulty in developing your communication on this channel. Amazon Advertising offers a streamlined and very accessible interface. In addition, the campaign manager offers very valuable data to its clients, such as suggestions for queries relating to your keywords (cuckoo Adwords:). All of which can be used to effectively guide the least experienced advertisers and boost the performance of the most experienced advertisers.

A BtoB channel that is just as efficient

Amazon B to B

For nearly 6 years, Amazon has been developing a platform dedicated to BtoB: Amazon Business. In this sector too, Amazon is in solid financial health. The sales revenues linked to this platform are estimated to be close to 10 billion dollars. Enough to make advertisers want to keep an eye on Amazon Advertising's next moves in the B2B sector.

Although Amazon's reputation is well established, the American giant continues to surprise and innovate brilliantly.

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