The figures on radio in 2021

The figures are in! What are the most listened-to radio stations throughout 2021? How many listeners in France? We give you all this data in this article thanks to the ACPM study.

Summary of the most listened-to radio stations in 2021:

What are the most listened-to radio stations per month in 2021?

listening radio 2021

As can be seen, the radio station in first place throughout the year is France Inter. With an average of more than 24 million listeners, France Inter attracted 55,000 additional listeners in one year and achieved a 12.7% cumulative audience share.

France Info, RMC and NRJ are fighting for second and third place every month.

However, there is a decrease in radio listening in 2021 vs. 2020. Indeed, 2020 was the year of confinement, so listeners were more numerous on radio stations.

*With regard to other radios:

  • Europe 1 continues its free fall, losing 235,000 listeners compared to the start of the 2020 season
  • Music radio stations RFM and Virgin Radio are also at the bottom of the table, each with 250,000 fewer listeners in one year

*Sources : ;

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Key figures for the year 2021 on radio

We offer you a short summary of radio figures for the year 2021:

  • Europe 1 sinks to the bottom of the table with only 2.279 million listeners in the November-December period, losing 448,000 listeners. The cumulative audience reached barely 4.2% (- 0.8 points) and the audience share was 3.4%.
  • RTL attracted 6.013 million listeners (11% cumulative audience) with 105,000 fewer listeners in one year. The radio station's advertising revenue rose by 0.7 points to 13.3%.
  • France Culture is doing well with 1.712 million listeners, i.e. a cumulative audience of 3.1

What future for radio advertising?

Radio is a powerful, targeted and mobile medium that accompanies consumers throughout the day. This medium maintains a link with its listeners and is the ideal medium for proximity communication, reaching a maximum number of people in a company's catchment area.

In 2022, radio intends to be the dominant medium of all:

  • By adapting to new technologies with the evolution of media
  • By investing even more in the podcast medium
  • By broadcasting on DAB+.

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