Advertising in Paris

Advertising in Paris can be a powerful lever for your brand or company. Paris is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. France's capital is one of the cities with the most tourists each year. It's also one of Europe's most densely populated cities.

Paris is part of the Île-de-France region, which comprises 8 départements with a total population of 12.4 million. This region is the cultural and economic center of France, home to numerous company headquarters, universities, museums, monuments and cultural events.

Advertising in Paris is the ideal way to reach a cosmopolitan, local target audience while addressing a huge audience.

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Other advertising devices in Paris

The O'Tacos campaign

What is O'Tacos?

O'Tacos is a fast-food chain founded in 2010. It specializes in French tacos.

Last April, O'Tacos contacted Adintime.

The objective: launch an awareness campaign in the north of the capital.

Our proposal

Install a giant billboard, at Porte de Clignancourt for 3 weeks.

Save time and book an appointment directly with our media expert. 

We'll listen to your needs and launch an advertising campaign in accordance with your objectives and budget.

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Advertising rates in Paris

How much does it cost to advertise in Paris?

If you want to advertise in Paris, the average budget for each medium is:

  1. Out-of-home: average budget of €60 to €230 per panel, i.e. around €5,000 to €280,000 excluding VAT. 
  2. Local TV: average budget of €5,000 excluding VAT.
  3. Newspapers and magazines: average cost for a ½ page: €500 to €5,000 excluding VAT.
  4. Display: average €5,000 excluding VAT.
  5. Social media: average budget of €1,000 to €1,500 ex VAT.
  6. Radio: average budget of €5 to €47 per spot, i.e. an average of €350 to €3,290 excluding VAT.

Advertising devices in Paris

An out-of-door advertising campaign in Paris

Using outdoor advertising in Paris as part of your advertising campaign can be a solution for gaining visibility, brand awareness and credibility with your target audience. Billboard advertising can be adapted to your objectives and targets, notably through its different formats. For example, there are:

  1. 2 m² billboard (120×180 cm): ideal for targeting pedestrians in the city center
  2. 8 m² billboard (320×240 cm): used to target drivers and pedestrians near the city center
  3. 12 m² billboard (400×300 cm): located near major roads to target drivers on the outskirts of the city

OOH is a device that allows you to choose from many other panel formats to suit every need.

For a billboard advertising campaign in Paris, the advertiser can use buses and cabs. This system is highly effective with a pedestrian target. Its high mobility gives it the opportunity to reach a large audience in the city center and over several kilometers on the outskirts. If you want to target drivers, we advise you to use the back of the bus, which offers good visibility for the ad.

Another way to increase visibility and brand awareness is to use billboards in the subways and on tramways, the busiest places in Paris, to reach a wide and diverse target audience. 

For a more dynamic and equally effective solution, you can opt for DOOH, or digital out-of-home advertising. Often placed on the street, in city centers, pharmacies, gyms, and shopping malls, this system is highly effective when it comes to targeting an audience according to location, sector, or interest.

TV advertising in Paris

Advertisers can also carry out a TV advertising campaign in Paris. TV is the leading media in France, with a very wide reach and audience. It's a good way to work on the repetition and memorization aspects that are so important in advertising to build brand awareness. 

Targeting the city of Paris on TV is possible. Here are the 2 methods:

  1. Advertise on a local channel such as BFM Paris
  2. Segmented advertising

Advertising in the local press in Paris

Press and magazines are excellent ways of reaching a segmented audience in Paris. Advertisers have the opportunity to distinguish themselves on specific themes thanks to the specialized press. They can choose a newspaper or magazine according to the target they wish to reach, the editorial line and the subjects covered.

If you want to build credibility and loyalty among your audience, the press is the medium of choice. It's also an excellent tool for generating traffic and improving conversion rates.

Advertising on a local radio station in Paris

If you're looking to drive sales at lower cost, build brand awareness and reach a highly targeted local audience, radio is the ideal device. It's no coincidence that radio is France's second-largest media, with over 39 million listeners every day.

Radio is a fast-changing medium: we no longer listen to it only on a portable station or on a car trip, it accompanies us all the way home on all the connected devices in the house (TV, tablet, laptop, etc.).

It's also a popular device with small businesses, because it's affordable and highly effective, especially for call-to-action messages (drive to store/drive to web).

There are many radio stations in Paris to choose from for your advertising campaign, depending on your sector and target audience.