Advertising in Île-de-France

Île-de-France is one of the most populous regions in France, with over 12 million inhabitants spread across 8 departments within a total area of 12,012 square kilometers.

With Paris at its heart, serving as the economic and cultural capital, Île-de-France stands as the country's wealthiest region.

Due to its tourist and economic attractiveness, the region has developed an efficient transport network, both within Paris with its metro system and in the suburbs. Therefore, in your advertising campaigns within this region, you can utilize various media formats such as:

  1. Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH)
  2. Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH)
  3. Leveraging the regional transport network for displays (buses, taxis, VTCs, metro, etc.)
  4. Press Advertising: newspapers and magazines
  5. Radio Advertising
  6. Digital Advertising (display, social media)

Engaging in regional advertising in Île-de-France can help achieve various objectives, such as promoting your products or services to a targeted and qualified audience, enhancing your revenue by improving visibility and recognition, or even fostering customer loyalty.

Other Advertising Options in Île-de-France



The O'Tacos Campaign

Who is O'Tacos?

O'Tacos is a fast-food chain that emerged in 2010, specializing in French-style tacos.

Last April, O'Tacos contacted Adintime.

The objective

Launch a brand awareness campaign in the northern part of the capital.

Our Proposal

Create an event banner located at Porte de Clignancourt for a duration of 3 weeks. 

Save time and directly schedule an appointment with our media expert.

We'll listen to your needs to launch an advertising campaign aligned with your goals and budget.

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Advertising Rates in Île-de-France

How much does advertising in Île-de-France cost?

To advertise in Île-de-France, on average, for each media channel you can expect:

  1. Billboards: Average budget of €60 to €230 per face, totaling approximately €5,000 to €280,000 before tax.
  2. Local TV: Average budget of €5,000 before tax.
  3. Newspapers and magazines: On average, for a half-page ad, €500 to €5,000 before tax.
  4. Display advertising: Average budget of €5,000 before tax.
  5. Social media advertising: Average budget of €1,000 to €1,500 before tax.
  6. Radio: Average budget of €5 to €47 per spot, totaling approximately €350 to €3,290 before tax.
  7. Digital audio: Average CPC (Cost Per Click) of €0.55 to €2, totaling approximately €5,000 before tax.

Advertising Solutions in Île-de-France

Running a billboard campaign in Paris

Île-de-France is a popular and tourist-rich region, making it a highly attractive space for visibility that interests many advertisers.

Within the region, various outdoor advertising methods are available, including:

  • Billboards (OOH)

Often placed in heavily frequented public areas like streets, airports, or city centers. Perfect for maximizing audience targeting or exposing your brand to hundreds of pedestrians daily.

  • Advertising on buses, taxis, VTCs, and trams

Displayed on buses and taxis: An excellent way to gain both reputation and visibility in the region through the established public transportation network in Île-de-France. With bus advertising, you can choose the location of your ad, varying according to your target. For instance, placing your ad on the right side of a bus will be particularly effective for pedestrians, while positioning it at the back will target motorists. The advantage of these methods is their ability to distribute the ad within a defined area, ensuring precise audience targeting.

  • Digital advertising (DOOH)

Ideal for high-traffic spots such as shops, malls, and streets. These dynamic digital advertisements are effective in energizing your communication and enhancing ad recall among individuals.

The unique feature of this method is its real-time measurement of campaign results, allowing for agile adjustments to improve its efficiency.

  • Advertising in the subway (a highly favored method in Île-de-France)

The subway is a highly favored communication medium for advertisers, being the preferred choice to reach a vast audience. The Parisian metro caters to millions of passengers daily, making it ideal for various objectives, including brand recognition. It offers repeated exposure to a diverse public. The metro network is also an excellent way to target segmented audiences, such as students in university zones.

Subway advertising is also utilized to create calls to action, often incorporating QR codes, phone numbers, etc.

  • Running TV advertising in Île-de-France

Launching a TV campaign targeting Île-de-France is entirely feasible. This approach allows you to reach an audience both diverse and targeted, as per your preferences. You can showcase your ad on specific local channels like BFM Paris. Through TV, you can even sponsor programs aligned with your values or industry.