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For some time now, rumors have been circulating that video games on PC and consoles will soon be taken over by the advertising industry and that advertisers will be able to easily integrate their campaigns. But when is it really?

Summary of the article: Advertising in video games

  1. Does advertising in video games already exist?
  2. When will video game advertising be introduced?
  3. Advertising in mobile games
  4. What will advertising in PC and console games look like?
  5. Exemples de coup de pub dans les jeux vidéo  : Validé - GTA & Canal+

Does advertising in video games already exist?

Video games available on consoles and PC have long been spared from in-game advertising, unlike their smaller brothers, mobile games. 

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that companies haven't tried to conquer this field, with product or brand placement in sports games or special operations (OPS). According to Guillaume Monteux, CEO and co-founder of Gadsme (a platform that allows targeted ads to be displayed in video games), "These operations, because of their event-driven nature, require preparation and take a long time to implement*."

But the situation should change soon. Indeed, the big names in PC and console games, Sony and Microsoft, have every intention of expanding the advertising field.

*Source : La Réclame

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When will video game advertising be introduced?

In-game ads already exist in sports games like Fifa. But they are all fixed ads in time and not targeted. And that's what players in the industry are trying to change.

Dynamic ads should not take long to appear in video games, especially thanks to the French start-up Gadsme, which is partnering with Ubisoft, to offer advertisers dynamic and interactive advertising media, with precise targeting.

And the big names in the industry are not about to be left behind. Sony and Microsoft are in the development phase, each preparing their own digital ad creation platform. Their goal is to be able to test their concept by the end of 2022.

Advertising in mobile games

You probably know it, but the mobile game world is saturated with ads. These allow developers to monetize their games in order to offer them to the public for free. If users want to escape this avalanche of ads, they must obviously pay the price. 

These ads can take the form of banners or interstitial ads (ads that are superimposed on the game in full screen) that often disrupt the players' experience. And this is the pitfall that AAA** game developers are trying to avoid.

**AAA (Triple-A) games are video games that have the highest development and promotion budgets.

What will advertising in PC and console games look like?

It is important to note one thing, these ads will probably be limited to so-called free-to-play games, i.e. available for free. This means that you won't be able to run ad campaigns in video games like Watchdogs, GTA or Resident Evil... Or maybe you will: this new source of income for video game creators could encourage them to develop more free-to-play video games. But it's still a bit too early to say.

What is certain is that advertising in video games should not pollute or interrupt the gamers experience, who do not want to hear traditional advertising messages. 

Thus, the video game should reshuffle the advertising cards and redefine its codes to better meet the expectations of gamers.

Example of a publicity stunt in video games: Validé - GTA & Canal+

A phenomenon series during its first confinement, Validé by Canal+ has once again mesmerized rap fans with its second season. To promote this new season, Canal+ opted for an impressive outdoor advertising campaign in Paris, Marseille and Los Santos... in the video game GTA V. 

In October 2021, during an unedited live on Twitch, the streamer and inveterate player of GTA V, @DZPRINCE10, unveiled this poster. An original advertisement, certainly, but a wise choice above all. Indeed, the atmosphere of the game corresponds perfectly to that of the series.

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