What is an alternative OOH media?

Alternative OOH media is a very effective solution for local and very targeted advertising actions. A great alternative to classic communication mediums. A media that one may not think about, but that is niche and that could work well for your company. Understand it and adopt it. Let us take a look at an advertising media that we (almost) never think of. 

Article Summary : What is an alternative OOH media?

  1. Alternative Out-of-Home media: definition
  2. The main alternative OOH media
  3. Prices for alternative OOH media campaigns

Alternative Out-of-Home media: definition

The definition of an alternative OOH media (in French: média tactique) is as simple as it is broad: it is a category of advertising media that includes all the alternative communication supports to traditional media. We are not talking about a single medium, but about multiple mediums, all of them different, but allowing you to reach the same objective.

Alternative Out-of-Home media targets

Also called “media de proximité” in French, they allow a very local communication as well as to reach a very specific target. A niche target that a more classic advertising campaign will not influence. These media will be able to reach a wide spectrum of target profiles, in all types of places, but mainly in shopping and living areas.

In general, these are channels that advertisers will not immediately think of when developing their media plan or communication strategy. Alternative OOH media are therefore perceived as a fallback solution when the target is very specific and geographically determined. They are also implemented as a complement to a more traditional media plan.

The benefits of alternative Out-of-Home media advertising

In addition to its specific and geographic targeting, advertising with an alternative OOH media allows reaching individuals during their leisure time, when they are very receptive.

Moreover, alternative OOH media offer an advertising contact of an almost unmatched duration and quality, allowing great memorization by the targets.

And they are only limited by the advertiser's creativity.

The main alternative OOH medias

The list of alternative OOH media includes:

  • advertising bags in pharmacies
  • advertising bread bags (in bakeries)
  • advertising cups in vending machines 
  • advertising in medical office waiting rooms 
  • advertising napkins
  • advertising on cabs and bicycles
  • advertising on coffee tables, umbrellas, etc.
  • advertising on pizza boxes
  • advertising placemats
  • billboards in pharmacies
  • indoor advertising in bars and coffee shops
  • indoor advertising in gyms
  • indoor advertising in lounges or golf courses
  • outdoor advertising on camping sites
  • parking tickets
  • tote bags

Prices for alternative OOH media campaigns

You surely have already realized that the variety of existing alternative OOH media means that the price of advertising campaigns using them is just as broad. To help you see things a little more clearly, here are a few examples that will allow you to better understand the rates applied to alternative OOH media:

  • the distribution of flyers can cost up to 5,000 € ex-tax (including the broadcasting of a radio ad);
  • bread bags cost around 10,000 € ex-tax;
  • DOOH posters in gyms cost between 15,000 and 25,000 € ex-tax for a 7 days national campaign;
  • Display in bars-restaurants on a national scale cost up to 43,000 € ex-tax for a 14 days campaign.

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