I- The idea

It all begins here. The idea follow on from your communication strategy and enables you to achieve your goals. It must observe the brand identity while enabling you to interact with your audience.                   

II- Conceptualization

The idea must become a concept, a regular and adaptable pattern used for your communication on multiple channels.                   

III- Design

C’est la mise en forme de votre concept, l’aspect graphique et esthétique que prend votre campagne.

It’s the shape of your concept, the visual and aesthetic aspects of your campaign.                      

IV- Development

Print and web advertising are subject to certain rules… make sure your ad format is adapted to the media !                      

V- Mock-up

Before lauching a major campaign, test your ad and its impact on customers in a small-scale campaign. You’ll then be able to adjust your ad if the ROI is not satisfying.

VI- Media buying

After potential modifications following the mock-up, you’ll have to choose on which channels you wish to communicate. Your choice of media should be based on your public, your message (and Call-To-Action) and the design of your ad.

If you are unaware of your target’s habits and purchasing behaviour, make use of your CRM’s relevant data and find out which channel influences your customers.

If you do know your target and its consumption behaviour, you are ready to establish your media plan depending on your budget.

A communication budget, as high as it is, does not guarantee an optimal visibility and a positive ROI. The media choices,, the campaign timing and the astute allocation of your budget are key factors of success.

As explained in our article « 7 Golden rules to apply when negociating your media plan », media buying can be enhanced in terms of budget and visibility – on condition that you manage accurately the negociations and the media buying. 

VII- Follow-up

Analyse the results of your marketing campaigns (analytics, conversioon rates, store traffic, etc.) and learn about your target, the relevance of your message, design, timing and media on which you advertise.

Following-up your campaigns enables you to improve your future commmunication strategies.

At Adintime, our graphic artists carry out the production of your ads.

Among a multitude of content and competitors, our graphic artists make sure your ad stands out and give your audience a aestethical and/or intelectual break.


I- Customer brief

Before crafting your message, we need to get to know you and what service / product you want to promote. To whom ? How ? At what price ?

II- Rough

Then, we create various sketches that will eventually determine the design of your ad and the way your target perceives it.

                                                                        création publicitaire adintime

III- Recommendations

We submit you a recommendation report which includes a rigorous and exhaustive selection of our propositions.

IV- Finalisation

We send the final file for the press proof validation. In other words, we prepare a normed file, ready to be printed or displayed depending on the medium.

We hope this article helped you in the process of creating and producing your ads.

Do you use other methods for the production of your ads ? What kind of mock-up do you run to test your campaigns ? Share your thoughts on the article and experience with us !

Our next article will be published in two weeks on our blog.

The Adintime team