Discover Your Competitors' Ads: Unleash Your Spy Skills!

Advertising is an increasingly used and even essential strategy in an effective and successful marketing strategy.

Ideal for promoting services and products to new customers, advertising plays a major role in acquisition. However, creating impactful advertising that stands out in a competitive market has become a real challenge. That is why monitoring competitors' advertisements through competitive intelligence is of great importance. Viewing competitors' advertisements helps better understand the strategy that has been implemented and identify certain opportunities present in the market.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large company, it is in your best interest to be interested in your competitors' advertising strategy. This will allow you to improve your own strategy, better understand the market, and position yourself better against the competition.

Table of Contents: How to View Competitors' Advertisements

  1. Spying on competitors' advertisements on Facebook Ads/Instagram: with the libraryy
  2. Spying on competitors' advertisements on LinkedIn
  3. Spying on competitors' advertisements on TikTok
  4. Spying on competitors' advertisements on Google Ads
  5. Spying on competitors' advertisements on Snapchat

Tips: Before you start spying on your competitors' advertisements, remember to disable all your ad blockers.

To stay informed about market trends and the advertising strategies of your competitors, there are some tools worth knowing.

Spying on competitors' advertisements on Facebook Ads/Instagram with the library

Meta Ads Library is a report created by Facebook that allows users to view advertisements displayed on Meta platforms.

This tool is ideal for tracking your competitors' strategies. It provides detailed data on the images, videos, and calls to action used in your competitors' advertisements. You can search for ongoing ads using a search engine and criteria such as the advertiser's name or the ad text.

This tool is ideal for monitoring your competitors' strategies. It provides detailed data on the images, videos, and calls to action used in your competitors' ads. You have the ability to search for ongoing ads using a search engine and criteria such as the advertiser's name or the ad text.

This tool is accessible for free to everyone, but please note that some advertisers may not appear (especially due to their Facebook page status or their location).

Spying on your competitors' ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE leading professional social network, with millions of users worldwide. It has become widely popular over the past decade.

LinkedIn is often integrated into the digital strategies of companies that have a presence on this social network. It offers an advertising feature to promote their products and services and gain visibility.

If you want to view your competitors' LinkedIn ads, here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to your competitor's LinkedIn page .
  2. Access the "Posts" or "Publications" tab.
  3. Look for the subcategory called "Ads" or "Publicité".
  4. Click on this subcategory to access all the ads published by your competitor.

By using this method, you can study your competitors' ads on LinkedIn and obtain valuable information about their communication and digital marketing strategies.

Spying on your competitors' ads on TikTok:

TikTok Top Ads Library is a digital library that allows TikTok users and internet users to view ads that are being displayed on the platform. This tool is particularly interesting because it allows you to search for ads based on specific criteria such as the company's industry, the duration of the ad, the location, or even the ad's objective. In summary, with TikTok Library, you can:

  • Find inspiration for creating your future ads and see which filters and other features are used to grab the user's attention

  • Identify advertising trends by looking at the most popular ads of the moment

  • Conduct analysis and competitive monitoring to improve your own strategy, using what works best for your competitors and adapting it to your advertising strategy.

In short, this resource is relevant for staying updated on the latest platform trends. You can draw inspiration from your competitors' original (or non-original) creations, see what objectives they are targeting, or analyze their strategies (ad duration, etc.).

This Google platform collects advertising data from web pages, social networks, and mobile applications and compiles them in the Google Ads Transparency. This tool is valuable for analyzing your competitors' strategies, the visuals they use, the formats, and more. This platform is useful for:

  • Tracking all ads displayed on the web

  • Collecting real-time information about competitors

  • Customizing the interface, reports, and ad-related alerts

It's a great tool for advertisers or marketers who want to improve their advertising strategy while keeping an eye on what's happening in the current market.

Spying on your competitors' ads on Snapchat

It's important to check the social network Snapchat as well. It is widely used in the marketing campaigns of businesses. Whether it's promoting a product or service, Snapchat is still very popular, especially among young people.

Snapchat, like most other social networks, has its own Ads Library where you can view your competitors' ads in a few steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Snap Political Ads Library.

  2. Use the search bar to find your competitors' ads.

  3. You can then refine your search using available filters, such as the airing date or geographic region.

  4. Click on the ads and analyze!

And there you have it, you now know how to spy on your competitors' online.

Some bonus tips from our Adintime experts

We could mention other relevant and effective tools that are not directly related to Google or a social network, such as SEMrush.

It's an online marketing platform that allows you to monitor the competition, including ongoing ads on various social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This comprehensive tool helps you improve your search engine optimization (SEO), analyze backlinks, conduct a website audit, and track market trends using different data (keyword information, search volume, etc.).

Now you have all the reasons and necessary tools to monitor your competition, especially their advertising strategy.

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