How to make an effective radio advertisement?

The radio commercial is a medium that should not be underestimated in a communication campaign. It serves as a message for the company and it also allows you to highlight your originality: what will differentiate you from your competitors. Your radio advert must be creative and stand out from the crowd with: a voice that is easily remembered, humour and emotion to make an impression on your listeners. This medium is omnipresent all day long in the daily life of the French, they listen to it in the car on the way to work or in the morning while having breakfast... But how to make an effective radio ad for your company? Our advice in this article!

Some figures* to know about radio:

  • Over 40 million daily listeners aged 13 and over
  • Radio reaches influential targets such as 35-59 year olds and those in the higher socioeconomic groups
  • 7 out of 10 listeners find radio a trusted medium

*Source :

Namely, the radio allows:

  • To encourage purchases: with the drive-to-store or drive-to-web marketing strategy
  • Boosting brand awareness through repeated advertising spots
  • Reassure consumers on credible radio stations
  • To broadcast advertising messages with good targeting

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Summary of the article: How to make an effective radio advertisement?

  1. Selecting the right radio station to broadcast your ad
  2. What is the right radio advertising format?
  3. What is the right length for a radio spot?
  4. Choosing the right tone for your radio ad
  5. A good example of radio advertising
  6. Which radio stations will be the most listened to in 2022?

Select the right radio to reach your target

select radio ad

Choosing your radio station according to your target audience is inevitable! As with TV, the target audience comes before all other criteria, because that is who you are communicating for! But it is also important to think about your communication objective:

  • Encourage listeners to take an interest in your brand
  • Promote your products or services
  • Announce an event
  • Support the launch of a new shop

>>> We help you identify your marketing target!

Choosing a radio station is easy! All you have to do is broadcast your advert on a station that is in line with your target audience. Radio stations can be categorised according to several audience segments and most commonly there is demographic targeting (gender, age of listeners, CSP...) and geographical targeting (location of your audience).

Here are the age groups of the listeners of several radio stations:

  • NRJ radio: the average age of the audience is 31
  • Virgin Radio tends to reach listeners aged 34
  • France Inter is improving with listeners under 35 but has more listeners over 50
  • France Info has a strong increase in the 25-49 age group and is growing in the 50+ age group
  • As can be seen in the graph below, France Bleu has more female listeners aged 25-59 and 65+.

cible Radio France bleu

This medium emits waves, but how far can it reach your target?

This is called radio coverage, which is the power of the radio through its transmitter. The more powerful a radio's transmitter is, the further away it can be heard. For example, a radio with a power of 100 MHz can cover up to about 20 km.

Important to know! Your radio advert can be broadcast in:

  • Local: the spots are broadcast using a local transmitter (e.g. the station "France Bleu Nord" which will cover the whole of the north or the station "Activ Radio" which will broadcast throughout the Loire)
  • Multi-local: the advertisement is broadcast on several transmitters and in several regions/cities in France (e.g. Chérie FM has offers in several cities in France)
  • National: the advert is broadcast throughout France thanks to transmitters spread throughout the country

What is the right advertising format for radio?

format radio ad

A radio spot should be short and punchy: 10, 20 or 30 seconds are the recommended formats. There are two types of radio advertising formats: the classic or standard format and the sponsorship format. We present them to you.

The classic radio advertising format

This type of radio spot lasts between 15 and 30 seconds.

Companies are advised to use the classic format if they wish to promote an event, announce the opening of a shop, inform about sales or promotions to reach a maximum number of people throughout the day.

The sponsorship format

The sponsorship format has a duration of 20 seconds at the beginning or end of the radio broadcast.

This type of format can be broadcast on "basic" stations at the beginning and end of the programme. For example, you can broadcast your ad at the beginning of the programme "Manu in the 6-10" and after the end of the programme.

In summary, radio sponsoring works in the same way as TV sponsoring.

What is the right length for your radio campaign?

length campaign radio

The ideal length of a radio advert that we can recommend is 20 seconds. To be effective, we recommend a radio campaign lasting at least 10 days and broadcasting 7 commercials per day. This is the minimum recommended to obtain results.

Choosing the right tone for your radio ad

tone radio ad

The slogans, voices and soundscapes of companies are often used in other communication channels (television, social networks, etc.), so listeners identify a familiar sound and immediately recognise the associated brand.

When promoting a product or service, the voice used should be cheerful, but when a more serious subject is being addressed (such as a prevention campaign), it is preferable to opt for a more serious tone.

Please note that the choice of a celebrity voice adds to the bill: yes, it is inevitably more expensive! On average, it costs 500€ more.

We therefore advise you to:

  • Do not hesitate to include humour and emotion in your spot
  • Choose voices that are out of the ordinary (so that they stay in your head)
  • Give listeners the opportunity to imagine what they are listening to (which allows for a better memorization of your brand)

A good example of radio advertising

Information about this radio spot

Duration: 20 seconds

Brand: Mano Mano

Objective : sale of swimming pool

The Mano Mano brand recalls its brand name and slogan at the end of the commercial and adds its contact number, thus encouraging listeners to call.

What are the most listened-to radio stations in 2022?

most radio listened in 2022

In January, we put together a ranking of the most popular radio stations, figures that can tell you which stations to advertise on.

>>> Here is the article on the figures for radio in 2021

Here are the top 3 for the first months of 2022:

In January 2022, France Inter was the most listened to radio station in France with 32,306,221 listeners. RMC is next with 19,937,524 listens and France Info with 18,855,735 active listens.

audiences radio janvier 2022

In February 2022, it is once again France Inter radio which is in 1st position, followed respectively in 2nd and 3rd position by RMC and France Info.

audiences radio février

For the month of March 2022, France Inter is once again number one with 34,858,657 active listeners. The next two places are for RMC and France Info. A top 3 that has not changed since the beginning of the year.

audiences radio mars

For the month of April 2022, the ranking does not change: France Inter in 1st position, RMC in 2nd and France Info is in 3rd place.

audiences radio avril 2022

We move on to the month of May, which hardly changes with France Inter still in first place with 28,244,580 active listeners in France. The second and third places are taken respectively by RMC and Franceinfo.

audiences radio mai acpm

The month of June saw a change with NRJ moving up to 3rd place in the ACPM ranking. France Inter in 1st position and RMC in 2nd.

audiences radio juin acpm

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