What is the purpose of a marketing calendar?

The marketing calendar, also known as the evergreen content calendar, is the essential tool for creating content, pacing marketing campaigns and animating all communication platforms. A marketing calendar is designed to build an editorial calendar of publications or advertisements. And luckily, the year 2022 is rather full of events!

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  • What is a marketing calendar?
  • Dates to remember each month
  • 3 examples of seasonal advertising
  • The main events of the year 2022

What is a marketing calendar?

The marketing calendar is a calendar that brings together all the important events of the year. It is an excellent source of inspiration to enrich the content of a blog, to create events in a shop, to get ideas for contests or to broadcast advertising campaigns. All these dates can be used for any type of advertising; on traditional or digital media.

The evergreen content calendar can be used by several professionals: community managers, marketing project managers, influencers, journalists ... In case of lack of inspiration (and yes, it happens), the editorial calendar is there to help everyone! It's a real time-saver!

Dates to remember each month

January is the new year! And these are the dates we remember:

  • 3 January: the holidays are over, it's back to school!
  • 17 January: Blue Monday
  • 21 January: International Hug Day

What dates are you looking forward to in February?

  • 1 February: Chinese New Year
  • 2 February: Candlemas (yum yum)
  • 14 February: Valentine's Day ❤️
  • 25 February: the 47th César ceremony

What do we have in March?

  • 1 March: Mardi Gras
  • 6 March: Grandma's Day
  • 18 March: World Recycling Day

In April, there are other dates to remember besides April Fool's Day?

  • 7 April: World Health Day
  • 17 April: Easter
  • 24 April: the result of the second round of the presidential elections

The month of May:

  • 1 May: Labour Day and Lily of the Valley Day
  • 13 May: the start of the World Swimming Championships
  • 26 May: Ascension Day
  • 29 May: Mother's Day

What do we remember in June?

  • 6 June: Whit Monday
  • 14 June: World Blood Donor Day
  • 19 June: Father's Day
  • 27 June: Wimbledon tennis tournament begins

The holidays! The month of July:

  • 3 July: World Plastic Bag Free Day
  • 14 July: National Day

For the month of August:

  • 5 August: International Beer Day
  • 15 August: Assumption Day
  • 31 August: World Blog Day

Back to school in September ... and:

  • 1 September: European basketball championship begins, go blue!
  • 17 September: International Day of Peace
  • 27 September: Google's 24th birthday

The month of October:

  • 2 October: Grandfather's Day
  • 4 October: World Animal Day
  • 31 October: Halloween!

What's in it for Movember?

  • It's smoke-free month!
  • 9 November: the release of the film Black Panther 2
  • 25 November: Black Friday

Merry Christmas!

  • 2 and 3 December: the Telethon
  • 18 December: the World Cup final (we want the third star)
  • 25 December: Christmas (more and more presents)

2 examples of evergreen content ads

We show you 2 examples of advertisements/posts made using the evergreen contents calendar:

Orange launches its TV and digital campaign for Christmas

A TV and digital campaign for the end of year celebrations by Orange. The brand of telephones and multimedia devices delivers a symbolic and touching film about the long months of waiting to be with family.

A 90-second advert will be broadcast from 18 November 2021. The campaign will be accompanied by other formats including 60s, 40s, 30s, short in-flight formats and print which will be activated from 1 December 2021 at the point of sale and in digital.

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Ikea offers scary posters for Halloween

For Halloween 2020, Ikea offers to set your table for the occasion with dark tableware and glasses worthy of a cabinet of curiosities to immerse your home in a festive and scary atmosphere!

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The main events of the year 2022

A marketing calendar contains several major events for the year in question. These key dates guide professionals in their social media posts or advertisements.

The calendar is based on milestones, here are those for the year 2022:

  • Religious dates
  • Sports events
  • Important film release dates
  • World days
  • School periods

Download our 2022 evergreen content calendar!

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