Top 7 Halloween ads

Google has unveiled the top 10 most searched disguises in 2021. In 1st position is a costume from the number 1 series on Netflix: Squid Game! Then, several themes stand out with Among Us, the scary Cadaveric Bride, Harley Quinn, the unavoidable Cruella, the wizard Harry Potter, Velma from the Scooby-doo cartoon, the indispensable Pirate costume and we also find the Naruto character and the Vampire. After this top 10 of the most wanted costumes, we have made a top 7 of the best Halloween commercials!

The top 7 best Halloween ads in France:

  • Haribo and its scary cupcakes
  • Halloween is coming to the social network Snapchat!
  • Ikea and its scary posters
  • Cat food ... to avoid eating humans!
  • Monoprix helps you decorate your home with fun
  • Burger King and its unmissable Halloween communication
  • The Générale d'Optique Halloween competition
  • Only bonus!

Haribo and its scary cupcakes

For Halloween, the candy brand Haribo is offering to create its own scary-looking cupcakes. To promote these culinary creations, Haribo has carried out several advertising campaigns on the social networks Facebook and Instagram which started on 16 October 2021.

Disguised stories! Yes, on Instagram, the brand decided to create a filter especially for the Halloween party:

For the occasion, Haribo proposed other DIY such as the making of monster masks! We let you discover them in pictures:

So, are you more into cupcakes or monster masks?

Halloween is coming to the social network Snapchat!

For the promotion of the new horror movie Halloween Kills released in 2021, Michael Myers invites himself in your living room in augmented reality! An interactive and fun promotion for Snapchat users ... but very scary!

How does it work? Users must scan a code to unlock the 3D model of Michael Myers. This bloodthirsty monster will then step forward, before attempting to slash you with his butcher knife. Snapchat also offers a selfie option to turn you into the bloody victim.

Ikea and its scary posters

For Halloween 2020, Ikea is offering to set your table for the occasion with dark tableware and glasses worthy of a cabinet of curiosities to immerse your home in a festive and spooky atmosphere!

The brand has created its campaign in Italy with posters showing the brand's products and their prices. Simple but effective visuals!

Cat food ... to avoid eating humans on Halloween

Temptations, the cat food brand, is launching a limited edition cat food for Halloween in 'Tasty Human' flavour, which refers to the tempting taste of humans for those 4 legs!

A TV advert that will be available from September 2021. Temptations has mixed humour and fright for its Halloween TV campaign!

Monoprix helps you decorate your home with fun

We go back to 2020 to find Monoprix, which had helped the confined to celebrate the famous Halloween party. The store had prepared home-made video tutorials that accompanied each visual in order to reproduce them to perfection.

From 28 to 31 October 2020, Monoprix offered these ideas on its Instagram account.

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Burger King and its unmissable Halloween communication

For Halloween 2020, in Sweden and Denmark, Burger King with its advertising is once again challenging its biggest competitor McDonald's! We all know the clown Ronald from the giant McDonald's, and Burger King is playing with him completely! Indeed, the fast-food restaurant created an animation that made more than one customer of the restaurant tremble. And yes, clowns tend to be rather scary at this time of the year ...

The customers had to take up a challenge: to say the phrase "cancelled clown" three times in front of the mirrors in the toilets. The most courageous had the frightening surprise of seeing a clown appear in the mirror instead of their reflection.

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The Générale d'Optique Halloween competition

What could be better than a competition to attract consumers to subscribe, participate or buy? And above all, to take an interest in a brand! And the eyewear brand Générale d'Optique has understood this well by offering this competition on Facebook.

The advertisement has been running since 25 October 2021 on Facebook and the competition will end on 8 November with a draw for the winner.

More bonus ads!

M&M's celebrates Halloween with humour, as usual!

In a campaign from 2018, we find the two compatriots Red and Yellow of the gourmet brand M&M's. The Halloween ad takes on the classic codes of the period with the spooky music and settings.

While the two sidekicks are happy to have had another Halloween without being eaten, we notice that Yellow looks livid. Sadly, we notice that he walks through walls and fences without flinching and admits to "feeling nothing". All these clues suggest that Red is talking to a ghost...

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KFC hunts vampires!

Through this advertisement from October 2017, KFC Romania proposes a new garlic sauce to repel vampires! A good marketing idea to encourage customers to come and taste this new sauce.

A 1 minute 14 minute commercial to know how to protect yourself from Halloween vampires!

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