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What is the metaverse? 

The metaverse is an interconnected virtual space that relies on blockchain technology (information storage and transmission) and in which the individuals who access it can do almost anything: games, monetary exchange, trade, economy, property, interaction, creation, etc. The metaverse thus offers an alternative digital experience or replica of the real world. The only limit is the imagination and creativity of the users. 

The concept of the metaverse is quite similar to that of the video game. But unlike video games, the metaverse is freely accessible to all, provided that a wallet is created to store the exchange currency (cryptocurrency) used in the metaverse. 

To speak of a single metaverse is a mistake, since at the moment there is not a centralized virtual space, but a constellation of digital universes such as Decentraland, Meta Horizon Worlds or Roblox. Interoperability, i.e. the ability to bring all these metaverses to communicate with each other, is the key to bring together 1 billion people in the metaverse and it will happen soon.


The advantages for a company to advertise in the metaverse

Advertising in the metaverse has many advantages for companies and proves to be a successful lever in a communication strategy.

The metaverse allows you to offer an immersive and original experience to users that will remain engraved in their memories. Creating a playful universe around your brand, in which the user is the protagonist, allows you to raise awareness of your brand among consumers, especially among technophile and crypto-enthusiast communities. It is a unique opportunity to get their full attention: they will be more receptive to the messages you want to convey to them. Your marketing endeavor will not be perceived as an intrusive experience by your target audience. 

Boost your creativity and that of your community. You can throw a digital party like Warner Bros. Pictures did in Roblox for the release of the movie “In The Heights” or a virtual exhibition, like the “Gucci Garden”. You can interact with your community and increase their engagement with your brand. The only limit is your imagination.

On the other hand, launching an advertising campaign in the metaverse today is a huge competitive advantage. Indeed, brands are not yet very present in this digital universe. Advertising in the metaverse means creating new and original content that allows you to stand out from your competitors. 

It is ideal to communicate around the launch of one of your products and to present it online without having to make users move. And unlike a physical event, the number of participants in an event in the metaverse is not limited: you can therefore make discover your product to a larger number of people.


Advertising in the metaverse: buying advertising space

You want to launch your advertisement in the metaverse? It is easy: just send us your brief. The objective of the campaign, the desired metaverse, the planned device, the budget... Give us all the information of a classic media plan and our media experts will transform it into a successful campaign.

And if you have no idea which metaverse to choose for your advertising campaign, our teams are here to advise you and suggest solutions that will meet your communication objectives.

Adintime has advertising spaces in the metaverse that you can rent at any time. These sites are equipped with advertising panels similar to those found in real life and are placed in strategic locations in the metaverse to guarantee maximum visibility. And the advantage over traditional billboards is that there are no time constraints. Display your brand in the metaverse for an hour, a day, several weeks or months: the choice is yours!

You can also ask our teams to buy a plot of land to place your ad near a special event organized in the metaverse. The universes are regularly the place of events that gather many Internet users: fashion shows, music festivals… Take a look at the programs and tell us which event you are interested in, our teams will make sure that your advertisement is broadcasted in its heart!

As for the price, the CPM price (cost per thousand) is similar to that of a digital ad. Running your ad in the metaverse will not cost you more than a display ad. 

Request a quote to know the price of your future ad in the metaverse!