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Advertisements in buses and trams are strategic locations to capture a specific audience on a daily basis due to their urban traffic. They are therefore an excellent medium for communication. Several placements exist: the right side, the left side and the back of the bus. To find out the rates for advertising posters on a bus line, request a quote on one of our supports.









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How to advertise on buses and trams in France?

3 reasons to advertise on buses or ou tramw

Advertising on buses and trams has many advantages:

Reach many targets through advertising on buses and tramw

Present in the city center as well as in the suburbs, the bus and tramway advertising networks offer you a perfect coverage to reach your target. The different bus advertising formats allow you to reach different audiences: 

  • pedestrians 
  • motorists
  • students
  • all 14 - 34 years old
  • all 35 - 59 years old
  • SPC+
  • Families with children

According to Iligo and Métrobus, 85% of individuals find that their gaze is strongly attracted by advertising on buses.   

Moreover, ads on buses are particularly powerful in reaching the most consumptive segments of the population: according to TGI, 34% of mega-consumers report having seen an advertisement on a bus in the week preceding the study.

The bus and tram ad: ideal to make your brand memorable

Bus and tram advertising is ideal to make your brand remembered by the public and to create a preference for your products among consumers. Indeed, the daily use of transport networks and the high frequency of bus passages, leads to a strong repetition of your advertising message with your target, which allows a memorization of your brand. In fact, according to Media Transport :

  • the Prado traffic circle in Marseille and the Esquirol square in Toulouse see 1 bus pass every 40 seconds;
  • Lille Flandres train station sees 1 bus pass by every 60 seconds;
  • the Place de la République in Rennes sees 1 bus pass by every 80 seconds.

Bus and tram advertising is one of the cheapest advertising networks

In addition, bus and tramway advertising networks are generally among the least expensive display devices in terms of cost per side. Indeed, it is necessary to count from €40 to €50 HT per face, against €40 to €200 HT for the other formats.

The different possible locations for bus advertisements:

  • Left-hand side of a bus: the left-hand side of a bus is used to display a full-length advertisement and targets motorists and pedestrians
  • Right-hand side of a bus: a smaller advertising space than the left-hand side. Advertising on the right side of the bus is mainly visible to pedestrians
  • Rear of bus: The rear panel of a bus is highly visible. It is just as visible to pedestrians as the cars behind the bus. As city streets are often narrow and overtaking is forbidden, drivers have time to read and memorise bus advertisements

Examples of bus advertising space at Adintime

Poster network: Bus Grand Paris

It is the ideal medium to cover both the city centre and the suburbs. The Greater Paris bus network is made up of several hundred bus lines. You can communicate on the right-hand side, left-hand side, rear of the bus and front of the bus, for periods of 7 days or more.

>>> Get a quote for a Greater Paris bus ad

Billboard : Bus Toulouse

The Toulouse bus network is made up of 73 bus lines and serves 7,068 stops per day. It carries between 155,000 and 160,000 passengers every day and covers the historic centre, the city and the surrounding communes. You can communicate on the right side, left side, front of the bus and back of the bus, for periods of 7 days or more.

>>> Find out the rates negotiated by Adintime for advertising on buses in Toulouse

Billboards: Bus Marseille

The bus network in Marseille is composed of 114 bus lines and serves 13,309 stops per day. It covers the historical centre and the city. You can advertise on the right-hand side, left-hand side, banners and the back of the bus, for periods of 7 days or more.

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