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I. Presentation of 01 Net magazine

What you need to know before advertising in 01 Net magazine

The Altice groups

01 Net magazine - Technologies and People to be complete, belongs to the private group Altice formerly known as SFR Group.

The Altice Group is the 3rd private media group in France, it owns brands known to all French people such as Liberation, L’Express, 01 Net, RMC, or even the BFM TV channels. A big portfolio of emblematic brands anchored in the French media landscape and which allows the group to be present on all media support, such as TV, radio, press, or even digital, and this at any time. 


01 Net's profile

01 Net is a fortnightly magazine of technological and high-tech news.

The bimonthly is born in 2013 following a merger between 2 old magazines: L’Ordinateur Individuel and Micro-Hebdo. Following this merger, the magazine remains in the editorial line of its 2 predecessors, in particular by proposing to decipher and popularize technological innovation for these readers. The editorial line takes the form of multiple tests of new high-tech products, practical sheets for an innovative product, or even comparisons between different products or online services.

In 2018 for its 895th issue, the magazine offers a new formula to its readers, notably by proposing clearer and more modern headings and is therefore divided into 4 different headings:

1. Discover: stay up to date with the latest innovations and events in the world of tech (product release, innovation fair, etc.)

Subject matter: key number, automobile, robotics, etc.

2. Understand: decode together the digital transformation of our society

Subject matter: new innovation, societal phenomenon, trends, etc.

3. Choose: assist readers to the right tools and/or equipment through various tests

Subject matter: product tests, comparative, purchase guide, etc.

4. Educating: helping readers in the proper use of these tools through practical sheets

Subject matter: practical tips on Windows, macOS, Android, etc.


II. Performance and audience of 01 Net Magazine

Readership profile of 01 Net magazine

01 Net magazine is the leading publication for the French high-tech press with 6 million readers a year, all devices combined. Including 1.9 million readers in print and more than 2 million respective readers on mobile and computer.

The magazine has a young male readership between 15 and 49 years old, urban AB +, this is explained in particular by the fact that high-tech is a predominantly male center of interest. Among this male readership, it is the father of the family that 01Net is trying to target, it is notably he is the one prescriber within the household. 

A readership that is attached to its relevant and informative content written by professionals in the sector. Appreciated by its public in particular with articles on the world of tech, technical infographics, product tests, comparisons, or any tips.

The magazine enjoys exclusive coverage, in fact among the 1.9 million readers on the print, 73% of them are not press readers, which represents more than 1 million exclusive readers for the tech magazine

Let's look at some figures and significant information on the 3 different major categories among these 1.9 million print readers:

First category:  they are hyper consumer readers for the automobile industry, they represent around 700,000 readers:

- 23% of them intend to buy vehicles in the next 6 months

- 53% of their readers like innovative cars

- 52% are particularly interested in the automobile sector

Second category: the readers who consume alcoholic beverages, they represent approximately 682,000 readers:

- 61% of them drink beer regularly

- 45% of their readers like to try new drinks

- 31% are regular whiskey consumers.

Third category: their readers are interested in the banking sector; they represent around 580,000 readers:

- 23% of them use 3 or more banking companies (account and or financial products)

- 6.7% of the readers are in possession of an American Express


01 Net magazine audiences

The title 01 Net has a total audience of 6 million readers a year thanks to all of these support (print and digital devices). In particular 1.9 million readers on the print version, and with 2 million web readers on each of these mobile and computer devices.

The 01Net site is regularly supplied by 01net experts with numerous high-tech articles and product tests. The site receives an average of 15 million total monthly visits, including 5 million on the mobile site with also 50 million total page views.


The title's social networks and their performances (seen in June 2020)

In addition to this presence on the website, 01 Net magazine also feeds these social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


01Net on social networks is more than 800,000 likes on their Facebook pages, 160,000 followers on their Twitter account, as well as 23,000 followers on Instagram.


01Net is the title to follow high-tech news, but also to stay informed of the latest events in the tech world. Advertise in 01 Net Magazine is ideal to reach a target at the cutting edge of technology, seeking expert advice from professionals. 

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Written by Fabien Liang 

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