3 essentials tools to measure the performance of your display campaigns

Optimized CPC and CPM, CTR above 2%… Your KPI’s can look very good, but to really analyze the results of a display campaign, you need to go deeper. You need to compare numbers collected on every channel and to analyze them from another point of view, with other tools. You often get differences between stats you get on your campaign's dashboards and your website's actual traffic.

Here are 3 essentials tools to better understand the results of your display campaigns

Use pixels to measure traffic

Every person who has been working on a digital strategy has already been facing a Google Analytics Dashboard. It’s one of the first things you do when you launch a website. When you advertise on a new display platform, installing a pixel should be the first thing to be done. The majority of platforms have pixels to measure your traffic, its origin and events related to a user’s visit. These pixels also allow you to set up retargeting campaigns to reach people who have visited your website. The installation process is very simple: you just need to copy and paste a piece of code on your website.

Pixel campagne display

A pixel is very helpful to understand your traffic and to have a point of comparison with Google Analytics or any other technology installed to identify your traffic.

Track your URLs to identify the origin of every click

Url tracking is a useful complement to the pixel. Pixels sometimes give the origin of a visitor but they never make the difference between someone who clicked on the URL on your Facebook page and someone who clicked on the link of your Facebook ad.

Url tracking allows you to identify several informations with 1 click. To get these informations, you need to generate urls. Here’s the process: the platform adds values after your website URLs that will help you to identify the platform, the media or even the campaign that generated the click.

Performance display

Example: https://yoursite.com/?utm_source=instagramstory&utm_medium=image1&utm_campaign=launch2019

Create custom conversions

When you set up a campaign with objectives like selling products or collecting emails or generating downloads, we talk about conversion. These conversions can be tracked very simply. First, you need to identify the URL that visitors access once they have done the action that you want them to do (thank you page, payment confirmation…). Once you got this, you just need to create a conversion based on this URL and you get notified every time this specific page is visited.

Conversions personnalisées

In brief, these 3 tools will help you better understand your display campaign's stats but they will also allow you to readjust your strategy according to the best performing channels. If you need to use these tools for your next campaign, feel free to contact us!

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