4 tips for working well with a partner on Facebook and Instagram

We have often spoken of the power of Facebook's advertising tool. While it is very well thought out for successfully completing your marketing campaigns, it also provides valuable tools for working as a team. Whether you plan to work with a new employee or a business partner, Facebook lets you share your resources securely.

Here is a summary of some tips to get your collaboration off to a good start:

How do I allow another user to post on behalf of my Facebook page?

Permettre un autre utilisateur de publier sur Facebook

There are several ways you can allow someone to post on behalf of your Facebook Page.

 On the one hand, if someone joins your team or company to take on this assignment, you can add them as the page editor or administrator by adding their Facebook account to the page. On the other hand, if you want to work with an agency and give it this right on your page, it is the agency that will have to send you a request to become an editor (or administrator if you want to entirely delegate the management of your page) .

In both cases, you can validate these permissions in the settings of your Facebook page. You will then need to go to the "Page Roles" section.

Is it possible to add an external user on Instagram?

ajout utilisateur sur Instagram

This is a question that comes up very often when it comes to Instagram. Indeed, the most influential accounts always require more attention. Even today, the only way to post to multiple Instagram accounts is to share the password. Thus, you can be connected simultaneously on 2 devices (or more).

How can I allow other users to use my Facebook pixel?

If you have a Facebook pixel installed on your site, be aware that you can easily share the data and management. Thus, your partner will be able to take advantage of all the data collected by your pixel since its installation. 

To share your pixel, go to the corporate settings section. Next, click on the “data sources” section and then on the “pixels” section. You can then select the pixel in question and click on "assign partners". Finally, all you have to do is enter the ID of the company to which you want to grant access.

Important: this ID corresponds to the business manager identifier, not to be confused with the advertising account ID.

This manipulation is also valid if you want to share other data sources (product catalogs, audiences, personalized conversions, etc.)

How do I give the right to a partner to advertise on behalf of my Facebook and Instagram accounts?

publicité Facebook

This is one of the main starting points for collaborating on Facebook Ads. When you don't have the internal resource to create ads on Facebook and Instagram, hiring an expert partner can pay off. If you opt for a collaboration, the request must come from your partner.

All you have to do is go to the settings section of your Facebook page. Then, all you have to do is accept the "advertiser request" located in the "Role of the page" section.

Facebook and its advertising tool therefore offer a multitude of possibilities for collaborating intelligently. Indeed, you can choose what you want to delegate and what data you want to share. The social media giant offers remarkable flexibility to allow companies to internalize, outsource or even distribute the management of their speech on Facebook and Instagram.

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