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I - Young Parents Magazine’s presentation

Singapore Press Holding group

Young Parents Magazine belongs to Singapore Press Holding group (SPH).

SPH holds strong magazine brands highly appreciated by consumers. Those are often leaders in the categories in which they operate.

Singapore Press Holding offers reliable, attractive, and award-winning content and designs. It aims is to become THE media group not only in Singapore but also in the APAC region.


Young Parents Magazine’s profile

Young Parents Magazine is the leading parenting guide in Singapore for over 30 years. Launched in 1986, the monthly magazine is the number one selling magazine in its category, with a total readership of 330,000.

Young Parents Magazine adapts its contents and provides new generation parents with tools to guide them in their role and daily life on many themes: health, education, family life, pregnancy...

It also provides them exclusive testimonials from Singaporean parents, social network influencers, etc. Those interviews deliver relevant and quality information on themes that are important to those modern parents. 

Young Parents Magazine also publishes an annual educational resource guide “Young Parents Preschool Guide” to help parents find appropriate preschool or educational services.

Young Parents Magazine is distributed also monthly to hospitals’ maternity patients and wards, which allows to reach a qualified audience.

Digital media and flagship events

The title focuses its communications on digital media: media in total harmony with its target and their media consumption. The title sets up video series broadcasts on its social media and on its website. A relaxed and fun tone, always tackling strong subjects.

Family section: this section deals with family relationships and provides child-friendly travel tips. 

Pregnancy and babies section: a section intended for future parents, a real support in this turning point of life, it deals with the various key phases on which many questions arise (childbirth, birth, and early childhood).

Development section: here the title mentions the daily challenges that parents are or will be faced up to. It deals with broad themes in order to answer as many questions as possible.

Education section: it lists many resources to support parents in their children's learning throughout their schooling from preschool to primary school.

Young Parents Magazine also organizes events for families. This allows advertisers to reach their target in a percussive way. 

These events take place in a relaxed atmosphere, giving advertisers the opportunity to create close ties and leave a lasting impression.


Future Workshop


Cooking WorkShop


Cooking Workshops


Preschool Workshop

Young Parents Fiesta is an example of one of the events organized by the magazine. It’s a three-days experience and which attracts more than 30,000 participants, parents, and children. Between fun activities, photo contests, meetings on stands, product presentations for families, advertisers have a real opportunity to emerge among this target group.

 A powerful communication since on some editions the title offers participants a gift bag for the purchase of one of their summer issues.


The Young Parents Magazine Seminars

Young Parents Magazine organize each year, three seminars: 

  •        The Toddler Seminar, seminar for the youngest, the team and title's experts offers parents and youngest some strategies to deal with the challenges faced by the youngest.
  •        The Preschool Seminar, experts share their advice on the critical defining years of childhood and how to make the most of these first 6 years of child life.
  •        The Primary One Seminar is a must-go for parents. It deals with methods and ways of helping children to start and take their first steps in primary school.


II - Young Parents magazine audiences and performances

Reader’s profile 

Young Parents is a magazine for modern parents seeking personal and family enrichment.

Young Parents readers are between 25 and 39 years old, they are rather well-off and have an average income of $7,134 (Singapore dollar); while the national average for the country is $5,259. 

Their above-average income reflects their desire for achievement and their high professional ambitions. 

Regarding the mother, Young Parents describes her as a woman who likes to share her ideas and confront them with those of other parents. A woman who is committed and who value comfort.

Some significant figures on readers:

  •        47% have one child
  •        65% have a child aged 4 or below
  •        89% live in a HDB 4/5 – room flat or in private housing
  •        82% have tertiary and degree/ bachelor qualifications


Young Parents Magazine Audience 

Young Parents reaches a total audience of 330,000 per month on all its print and digital media. 

Its newsletter has about 30,000 subscribers.

The performance of Young Parents Magazine's social networks (figures as of today - May 2020)

A powerful Facebook network with a community of nearly 80K subscribers.



Young Parents Magazine Singapore is the reference title for hitting the parent target.  

It is a powerful asset and allows advertisers to position themselves in an assertive way. Young Parents Magazine provides them strong opportunities to dig in, whether it be in the form of modernised digital media or events; there are many reasons to communicate via this title.


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Written by Marine Collet

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