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I - Presentation of Heart Media Group in Singapore

Group profile

HeartMedia Group, powerful Singaporean media group, was established in 1997. It owns several media: press with about twenty magazines, digital with about ten websites, and a strong events activity.
This premium-positioned group is specifically aimed at an affluent target in Asia. A presence deployed in several countries: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong-Kong and Shanghaï; making the group a major player in the APAC region market.

The group operates in several sectors, in particular fashion, beauty and luxury goods of all kinds: watches, cars and yachts, real estate, etc. It attracts major advertisers which are targeting customers with high purchasing power. The group has a portfolio of nearly 300 brands, all present in the luxury sector and operating internationally.

The group also offers its print media in digital formats, available on all devices , to reach more its target audience with high requirements that can be assimilated to CSP++.

The activities of Heart Media Group

The group reaches nearly 1.8 million wealthy people every month.
Heart Media group focuses its actions and business on values and guidelines that justify its rapid growth on the market:
• A constant focus on the markets and its evolutions
• An incentive to creativity and originality
• Awareness of the changing needs and desires of consumers and society in general

II - Heart Media Group's strong media and supports

The print press

Print accounted for 46% of the group's revenues in 2017.
Heart Media Group’s main magazines are L’Officiel, a title acquired by the group in 2013 for the Singapore edition and in 2015 for the Malaysian edition. Men’s Folio is Heart Media group's second flagship title, also distributed in Singapore and Malaysia.
Strong brands that have gained the confidence of its readers over the years.
With ten issues a year, L’Officiel is a strong opportunity for brands. It has a circulation of 36,000 copies and it is distributing in different strong places:
• 35%: Airline lounges, top hotels, spas, restaurants, private clubs
• 30%: VIP clientele
• 25%: Leading bookstores and selected newsstands
• 10%: Events and promotions

Heart Media Group also distributes magazines with strong themes in the luxury sector: such as Wow magazine, which deals exclusively with luxury watches (circulation of 30,000 in Singapore). This magazine is distributed in 5 Asian markets.
The group also owns the magazine Yacht Style, the leading title dealing with luxury ships in Asia. This title distributes every month 32,000 copy and a readership of 90,000.

Heart Media Group also surprises through its involvement in the market and its innovative approach: in 2013 the group launched Art Republik, with a print run of 20,000 copies. It is the first art magazine in Singapore, dealing mainly with art from the region. The magazine was a great success from the moment it was launched among the players in the field: art collectors, artists, gallery owners, etc., once again reinforcing the group's importance on the market.

The digital media

In 2017, digital media accounted for nearly 32% of Heart Media's revenues.
Heart Media owns nearly ten websites, of which Luxuo is the most powerful internet platform, with nearly 900,000 pages views per month and 340,000 unique visitors per month.
Launched in 2007 and acquired by the group in 2015, it has become a luxury portal of choice for Internet users. This platform makes it possible to accumulate a significant amount of content and represents an important relay for the articles and information present in the group's magazines.
Between analyses and luxury trends in many fields, the group attracts wealthy consumers and Internet users generally aged between 28 and 58 years old.

Some significant figures on the audience of the Luxuo platform:
• 41% have a household income over $180,000 (US dollar)
• 64% are graduated college or above
• 30% are post-graduates
The group is also developing all its titles in digital formats adapted to the needs of consumers and today's society. Thanks to it the group record a total digital audience of 1.4 million people.

Events activity of the group

Heart Media group organizes multiple events that always focus around luxury, including three main events: the RENDEZVOUS in Phuket, Singapore and Penang launched in 2016. Events that take place over 4 days; real high-end meetings: exhibition of about 20 Yachts, luxury cars, spirits tasting... An event that will bring together nearly 10,000 visitors in Singapore in 2017.
Other smaller scale VIP events are organised throughout the year in the APAC region, bringing significant visibility to the brands/ advertisers partnering Heart Media Group's events.

Focus on the Blockchain

Heart Media Group launches ADITUS, the first luxury access platform for "crypto-affluent", understand high-powered crypto users.
Access to luxury retailers and players worldwide. This service brings together nearly 100,000 unique visitors per month.

The Heart Media Group is thus one of the leading media groups in Asia. Its adaptation to the market and its target audience gives it a large sales force and enables it to position itself as a trusted player among advertisers, particularly in view of its performance regarding the premium target.
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Written by Marine Collet

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