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I - Her World : magazine’s presentation

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Her World magazine’s profile

Her World magazine is a monthly women's magazine, launched in 1960.

It is the most widely read women's magazine in Singapore with a readership of over 180,000 people*. It is distributed in 5 different editions in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam (since 2008).

The magazine obtains in 2018 the Women's Media of the Year price attributes by the MPAS (Media Publishers Association Singapore) and were elected Magazine of the Year in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Her World is designed for active, ambitious, and determined women and deals with various topics such as fashion, beauty and current trends, as well as well-being and good living. 

The magazine has also created several awards to honour influential women and women whose actions are a source of inspiration in Singapore and around the world.

In 1991, the Her World Woman of the year award was presented for the first time.

In 1999, the Her World Young Woman Achiever Award was created to honour inspirational women under 35 years of age.

In 2001, the Her World Beauty Award was created to reward professional actors in the world of fashion and beauty: stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, ...


The magazine adapts to digital media, representing high-performance media nowadays. 

Her Word magazine has its own website and application on which it provides to readers useful information and currents news. It covers the same topics as its print version and provides advice and buying guides in attractive and interactive formats that strengthen the link between the Internet user and the brand.


II – Touchpoint engagement, Reachs and readers profiles


Her World magazine has grown and has develop a 360-degree approach. 

The magazine performs on all its version: print, website and on the different devices (computer, smartphone, and tablet) as well as on its social networks. The magazine reaches nearly 1.4 million people. A total reach that once again confirms the power of the magazine.

Her World has the highest readership and is the most established women's magazine in its category in Singapore, reaches nearly 188,000 readers each month. Its digital audience also reinforces its value and importance in the market as it represents approximately 970,000 unique visitors per month on its website alone. 

There are also nearly 30,000 Internet users who subscribe to its newsletter and nearly 182,000 fans on social networks who follow the magazine every day.



The digital edition is a powerful lever for this magazine and can therefore be a vector of visibility and traffic for advertisers present on its platforms.

The magazine's website is divided into 5 sections:            

Beauty: in this section, Internet users can find numerous beauty tips and expert opinions on products from major brands. It also provides hygiene advice and skin advice to always look beautiful in a natural way.

Fashion: here are fashion tips and outfit’s point of view. Analyses of star’s styles on special occasions or in their everyday life...

Life: everyday advice and opinions: which books to read, which sports programs to choose, food advice in different way: for women who wants to change their habits, DIY meal kit...

Women: a section to help women grow and improve their daily lives. Here strong topics are approached: career, economy, marriages, and relationships... The title try to be a real partner and to answer as many questions as women can ask themselves.

Video: in this section all the subjects are treated around dynamic and attractive devices.

Readers profil

The group has a 97% female readership, with one in three within the 25 - 39 age range.

- 32% of the readership enjoy a household with an income of above $10,000 (national average income is $5,259)

- 68% of readers say they can pay more for quality goods

- 1 in 3 readers say they keep up with the latest fashions and spend on beauty products


Her World magazine’s influence

The magazine has a strong influence on the buying behaviour of its readers. As the most widely read and trusted women's magazine, it provides advertisers real opportunities and allows them to emerge to their target audience.

  •        Almost half of all readers shop at least once a week or more
  •        Nine out of 10 readers have purchased items seen in Her World
  •        83% of readers mentioned referring to the ads seen in the issue to get ideas on what products to buy
  •        The Top 5 products Her World readers spend the most on are: 

                     1. Clothing 2. Skincare 3. Bags 4. Watches 5. Jewellery


Her World allows advertisers to emerge very strongly with an active and ambitious female target. Its audience is a testament to its success and the confidence of its readers.

If you wish to communicate in this magazine, do not hesitate to ask for a quote on its dedicated page Here


* Source : Nielsen Media Index 2015

 Written by Marine Collet

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