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I - Shape Singapore Magazine presentation

Singapore Press Holding group’s profile

Shape Singapore Magazine belongs to Singapore Press Holding group (SPH).

The Group holds strong magazine brands highly appreciated by consumers. Those are often leaders in the categories in which they operate.

Singapore Press Holding offers reliable, attractive, and award-winning content and designs. It aims is to become THE media group not only in Singapore but also in the APAC region.


Shape Singapore Magazine’s profile

Shape Singapore is a monthly magazine for women, an influential expert on topics of sport and health issues. The magazine is distributed through 15 different editions around the world. The Singapore edition was launched in 2004: Shape Singapore Magazine is the only women's fitness magazine in Singapore and is therefore the leader in its category.

Shape Singapore is now read by nearly 18,000 women* and has a total audience of 245,000 readers.



Shape Singapore Magazine provides practical advice on various topics, such as: fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, or beauty. It acts as a real guide for women and aims to motivate them in their quest for well-being, to inspire them and to push them to adopt better habits daily to improve their lifestyles. The magazine is working with professionals in various sectors (medical, fitness coach and experts) to provide to its readers the best advice and trustworthy information.

With the purpose of enriching women's lives, the brand also organises numerous events, sometimes with media coverage, allowing companies to create links with their target audience and create presence in mind. 

  •        Shape Run  Created in 2006, this race has already attracted more than 100,000 participants.

It is the largest race reserved exclusively for women in Singapore. It offers three different courses to suit all levels of female readers. An event that is definitely in line with the spirit of motivation and surpassing oneself that the brand wants to transmit.

  •        Shape Yoga – launched in 2008, Shape Yoga is a morning outdoor yoga class for women. Once again it is offering a variety of formulas for all levels and women from all walks of life.

Between stretching and active yoga practice, breathing control exercises and active exercises in pairs to give another dynamic to this class.

  •        Customised Events – The brand organise a lot of personalised sports programme for readers wishing to take part in a tailor-made experience. Such as Shape Glow, a dance class (launched in 2014), Shape Fitness Fiesta, a sports class whose theme changes every year, as well as many other specific classes to satisfy as many women as possible.



II – Touchpoint engagement, Reachs and readers profiles of Shape Singapore Magazine 

Shape Singapore magazine’s target

The magazine is aimed at women who care about their health and well-being. Active women with a rather high income, often away or travelling.

Influential women who have strong professional ambitions and a desire for personal fulfilment, they also want to have or maintain an image around them.

Some significant figures on the profile of these readers:

  •        Over 60 per cent are aged between 18 and 34
  •        Half are PMEBs or have white-collar jobs, with a high median income of $4,888 (Singapore dollar)
  •        65 per cent received tertiary education
  •        47 per cent live in private property


A receptive audience representing an opportunity for advertisers

The magazine has a total readership of 245,000.

Shape Singapore Magazine’s website has more than one million-page views per month, representing approximately 200,000 unique visitors attracted by the title's practical advice online.

Its Newsletter is also a good way for advertisers since it seduces around 20,000 readers (subscribers).

Its YouTube page, launched in 2012, has nearly 1,920 million views of its content for 569,000 subscribers (figures of May 2020). The brand offers videos designed to provide sports and nutritional advice, complete sports sessions for all tastes: workout, yoga, stretching, HIIT... The brand also publishes reports on the various events and competitions it organises; strengthening therefore the link created with its community. 

See below the different media variations of the Shape Singapore Magazine brand, and its performance on social networks (figures of May 2020).



Shape Singapore Magazine’influence

Shape Singapore Magazine has a great influence on the buying behaviour of its readers. The trust that the title has developed with its readership enables it to become a real opportunity for advertisers wishing to reach a similar target to its audience.

Some significant figures about the readers of Shape Singapore Magazine

  •        87% are sensitive to advertising 
  •        85% of the readers bought products recommended by the magazine or that they saw in it.
  •        64% of Shape Singapore Magazine readers bought skin care products after seeing an advertisement.


As an indication, the median expenditure of readers for skin and body care products is $203 (Singapore dollar) per month.

Shape Singapore, the only women's fitness magazine in Singapore, is the market leader thanks to its impactful positioning, its defined audience, and relevant content. Your target is part of Shape Singapore Magazine’s readership audience? Do not hesitate to ask for a quote to communicate on this title. → It's here

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*Source: Nielsen media index 2018, online analytics, and publisher’s estimates.

**1$ = 0.64€

Written by Marine Collet

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