Overview of Singapore's advertising market

Singapore is a constantly evolving country, always on the lookout for new developments and new technologies. Advertisers have a wide range of possibilities in terms of advertising. Even if digital is taking more and more place in Singapore's world of advertising, the traditional offline advertising media are trying to defend themselves with innovative formats and increasingly digitalized solutions. Outdoor advertising (OOH) is doing quite well with the digitization of formats and the launch of programmatic solutions.

The press, TV and radio media market in Singapore

Medias Singapore

In terms of traditional media Press, TV and radio, we find three major players in this market: Mediacorp, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) & Heart Media Singapore.

The Singaporean traditional advertising market is experiencing a small loss of popularity compared to digital media. Advertisers must constantly reinvent themselves and offer effective targeting and formats to attract customers through these traditional media channels.

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Press advertising

The press offer in Singapore is rich and varied. There are many magazine themes and for the Daily Press, we can find a lot of newspapers in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

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However, there is a slowdown in print advertising (-30% in 2020) in favor of digital formats. We can take the example of SPH, which is taking a big turn in the digitalization of its press titles to bring more efficiency in the processing of information but also to obtain a better solution to report results for advertisers.

Despite everything, the press remains an interesting and effective advertising channel for local and fine targeting on a given theme. Let's not forget that the press advertising format has a much longer lifespan than digital formats!


Television is a very popular medium in Singapore and media spending on this channel increased by 5% in 2020. This increase was partly supported by the government which has launched campaigns to inform about barrier gestures and COVID-19.

The main television channels in Singapore:

  • CNA (Channel NewsAsia)
  • Channel 5
  • Metro TV
  • Channel U
  • Channel 8
  • Okto
  • Suria
  • Vasantham
  • HD5
  • Global TV


The main radio stations are owned by three main players: MediaCorp Radio, SPH and SAFRA. MediaCorp owns 13 radio stations including XFM which broadcasts in several languages ​​(French, Japanese, German, Hindi and Korean). The radio stations broadcast in Chinese are the most popular.

Advertising spending on this channel is suffering from a slight decline in this medium and COVID-19 has not helped the situation, the advertising spending on the radio station has dropped by 15% in 2020.

What future for the OOH and DOOh in Singapore?

One of the biggest trends in the world and which of course does not escape Singapore is outdoor digital advertising (DOOH: digital out-of-home). This system allows brands to show advertisements on digital billboards. You can find these signs all over the city (street, shopping center, metro station, bus stop, etc.). So, It is possible to target the right people and offer interactive content in order to engage passers-by in the different brand universes of advertisers.

Examples of creative OOH and DOOH in Singapore:

OOH Mc Donalds SinagporeOOH Singapore

OOH is becoming more and more interesting for marketers who will be able to experiment with programmatic solutions on the DOOH. Indeed, ad trading can now be used to buy and optimize ads on digital billboards. Thus, depending on the weather or the number of people passing by, it is possible to optimize your advertising in real-time. Isn't it the future?

Programmatic DOOH Singapore

Digital advertising in Singapore

PWC projects digital revenue growth in Singapore of 3.7% for 2021.

Singapore is a country that very quickly adopted digital formats and the arrival of 5G will sharply increase consumption of digital formats. It is important to manage properly your digital advertising strategy with well-targeted audiences and formats that grab the consumer's attention. Digital formats will then be increasingly personalized and predictive.

Singapore digital advertising

Evolution of digital advertising spending in Singapore

Regarding this year, advertising spending on the social network obtained spectacular results with +21% of advertising spending compared to the previous year. Spending on the paid search made +10% and spending on videos +15%. The sectors with the highest advertising spend are food, technology, finance and hygiene.

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