What is GRP?

You've probably come across the GRP when trying to buy advertising space, but do you have any idea what this indicator tells you about your campaign? Find out what GRP is and what it tells you about your campaign.

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  1. GRP - Gross Rating Point: definition
  2. How to calculate the GRP?
  3. For which advertising media is GRP used?


GRP - Gross Rating Point: definition

In marketing, GRP is the contraction of Gross Rating Point, which can be translated into French as "point de couverture brute". The GRP is an indicator that allows to determine the advertising pressure for a communication campaign. That is to say the average number of advertising contacts obtained on 100 individuals of the target you wish to reach.

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How to calculate the GRP?

The GRP is calculated by multiplying the reach rate (the percentage of individuals in a given target audience that an ad space reaches) by the number of repetitions of an ad spot. The higher the GRP, the more viewers your campaign will reach.

Calcul du GRP - Gross Rating Point

It is important to note that the duration of visibility of advertising screens is also taken into account in the calculation of the GRP. This data is measured by the Médiamétrie panel. In addition, the duration of visibility of the screens represents the percentage of advertising actually seen by the members of the Médiamétrie panel.

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For which advertising media is GRP used?

The GRP is one of the most widely used KPIs (key performance indicators) to determine the performance of a communication medium. This indicator is mainly used for the marketing of television commercials, but also for radio ads and billboards.

As important as it is in the marketing of traditional advertising spaces, the GRP has not succeeded in imposing itself in the purchase of display ads.

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