How is advertising evolving?

For a few years, we have been witnessing the multiplication of advertising media and formats, notably thanks to the rise of digital technology and the emergence of new technologies. This proliferation of means of communication is also accompanied by a new way of communicating with advertising targets. And if you want to continue to produce advertising campaigns, it is more than important to keep up to date with the advances in the sector. That's why we offer you a look at the evolution and the new trends in the advertising field.

Article Summary: How is advertising evolving?

  1. The advertising market in the first quarter of 2022
  2. Reaching out to your targets with DOOH
  3. Digital audio
  4. Influence marketing

        The advertising market in the first half of 2022

        Advertising revenues in the first half of 2022

        According to the study conducted by bump, the advertising sector is recovering in the first half of 2022. Indeed, total advertising revenues amount to almost 7.831 billion euros, i.e. an increase of +13.2% compared to the first half of 2021 and +16.7% compared to the first half of 2019.

        The five reference media, which arz television, la press, la radio, le cinema et outdoor advertising, are up by +9,2% compared to H1 2021. However, they have not yet regained their pre-Health Crisis strength (-4.5% vs. H1 2019). While most media have not yet regained their pre-crisis momentum, bump notes that they are largely closing the gap between them.

        Table of the advertising market by media in the first half of 2022

        Source : bump - Le marché publicitaire au 1er trimestre 2022 et prévision

        Advertising volumes in H1 2022

        Like advertising revenues, advertising volumes are up sharply compared to 2021, without reaching their pre-crisis level. Television is the only medium to have exceeded the 2019 level, with an increase in advertising time of 10.2% this year. However, this increase is not a direct reflection of an increase in the number of advertising spots broadcast, but of the duration of the spots: on average, the spots are longer than in 2021.

        The opposite is true for radio, where the duration of advertising is decreasing while the number of advertisers is increasing rapidly (+35.1% compared to 2021). More generally, radio advertising volume is up 6.4% compared to the same period in 2021 and down 3.5% compared to the first half of 2019.

        While print continues to decline in terms of advertising pagination (-4.3% vs. H1 2021), the number of advertisers using the medium is up +12.1% compared to Q1 2021. These figures can be explained by a gradual return of the sectors of activity that were heavily impacted by the pandemic.

        Another advertising format greatly affected by the health crisis is beginning to win back advertisers: outdoor advertising. With a volume of posters 18.8% higher in the first quarter of 2021 and an increase of +54.6% in its advertiser portfolio.

        The emergence of DOOH

        This year has also begun with growth for DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home), which has recorded 311 million certified spots for 309 campaigns, 82% more than in Q1 2021. With a record month of March (47% of the number of certified spots in Q1, i.e. 147 million certified spots), it would seem that this advertising format has the wind in its sails with advertisers.

        graphique de l'évolution du nombre de spots certifiés par mois

        Source : ACPM - Les tendances du marché de l'Affichage Digital au T1 2022

        Advertising market forecast

        The bump estimates that "taking into account the growth achieved in the first half of the year, the communication market will be up by 10.3% in 2022 compared to 2021. With 34.2 billion euros invested, it will slightly exceed the 2019 level." In addition, digital advertising is expected to grow by 33.5% compared to 2019. Great prospects for the advertising industry.

        Reaching out to your targets with DOOH

        Highly targeted, impactful, adaptable... the DOOH format is not lacking in quality and advertisers have understood this and are starting to integrate this medium into their communication strategy. The multiplication of touch screens or screens with motion sensors allows direct interaction with the targets of a campaign, while instantly adapting the advertising message to current events.

        “Para//èle” - Disney

        Disney and JC Decaux used the full potential of the DOOH medium to promote its "Para//èle" series, released in March 2022. Thomas Chomel, the main actor of the series, asks passers-by to help him free himself from the parallel world in which he is stuck.

        Prevention - Apotek

        Here is a Swedish campaign that also makes the most of the DOOH format. A smoke detector installed at the billboard triggers an anti-smoking message when it comes into contact with the smoke of passers-by. 

        >>> What is the difference between OOH and DOOH?

        Digital audio

        Digital audio refers to all radio listening from the Internet, podcasts, music and other audio content broadcast from a digital channel. This type of media has the advantage of being able to follow the listener in all his activities, everywhere and all the time.

        Shake me - Norauto

        Norauto, Havas Media and Havas Programmatic Hub took advantage of the fact that many listeners use their cell phones to listen to digital audio to set up the Shake Me format for its campaign broadcast on RTL podcasts and web radios from March 28 to April 10, 2022. Listeners were invited to shake their phone when the Norauto spot was broadcast in order to be redirected to the car specialist's website.

        Influence marketing

        Influencer marketing consists of promoting a product or service by using the notoriety of an influencer, a celebrity or an expert in the field. The latter will present the product or service to his community. Going through an influencer allows you to carry out a well-targeted promotion to a niche audience.

        « Maaaaaaaarc » - Le Flambeau - Canal +

        Before the release of the comedy and parody series Le Flambeau, a sequel to Jonathan Cohen's phenomenon La Flamme, Canal offered fans of the series a chance to preview the first few minutes of the season by taking up a little challenge: shout "Maaaaaaaarc" as loudly and for as long as Alexandra (a character in the series played by Leila Bekhti)

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