TV audiences 2021

A study carried out by Médiamétrie, a research company specialising in audience measurement and analysis of the various media, shows the evolution of TV audiences over the year 2021. 

We now move on to the precise analysis of these figures for the year 2021 in TV over the period from 04/01/2021 to 02/01/2022.

How are the figures given by Médiamétrie calculated?

To help you understand the figures given in this article, we explain how Médiamétrie calculated them:

  • Duration of viewing per individual (DEI) in minutes: average time spent watching TV programmes by all individuals
  • Audience share (PDA) in percentage: share of a channel's viewing time in the total viewing time of the television medium
  • Monthly coverage: number of individuals having had at least one 10-second consecutive contact with the channel during the month
  • Day-of-view audience: sum of audiences for programmes viewed live, deferred and catch-up on a given day

Concerning the screens studied, the means and locations of viewing, Médiamétrie uses the following tools:

  • The screens studied: television screens, internet screens, computers, tablets and mobile phones
  • The means of broadcasting: live, deferred and catch-up
  • The places where people watch: at home, at relatives' or friends' houses, second homes, hotels, holiday rentals, bars, railway stations, airports, public places, etc.

TV viewing time of the French

In 2021, the daily TV viewing time amounts to 3h41, which is one minute more than in 2019 and 17 minutes less than the particular year 2020 with 3h58.

durée d'écoute TV

Source :

We note that TV viewing time is decreasing on several targets compared to 2019:

  • On the youngest targets: 5 minutes on 15-49 year olds and 15-34 year olds, 18 minutes on 4-14 year olds

Audience share (%) and national coverage of aggregates and channels

The TF1 channel performed better than last year, reaching 19.7% audience share (+0.5pt vs. 2020). Slightly greater growth for the TV channel France 2 (+0.6pt vs 2020), which shows the best annual growth with CNews at 14.7% of audience share.

The TF1 group as a whole grew by +0.4pt to 27.2%, behind FranceTV at 28.9%. The France 3 channel stabilised at 9.4% ahead of M6 at 9%.

part d'audience tv 2021Source :

For news channels, BFMTV remains the leader with 2.9% of audience share, while CNews shows the strongest increase in audience share of the year (+0.6pt) by reaching 2%.

The Canal+ group shows a good image by being the only news channel to progress in 2021. The gap with the leading channel narrows to 0.9pt in 2021 vs 1.5pt in 2020.

What equipment do the French have?

There are 57,614,000 French people who are equipped to watch television.

équipements tvSource :

Definitions on TV equipment:

  • Total equipped with TV: all persons aged 4 and over equipped at home with at least one TV set: DTT, analogue and digital cable, satellite and TV via ADSL
  • Satellite reception: all people aged 4 and over living in a household equipped with at least one television set connected to the satellite, with or without a subscription
  • TV reception by ADSL / Fibre Optic / Cable: all persons aged 4 and over living in a household equipped with at least one television set connected to ADSL, fibre optic or cable

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