A Step-by-Step Guide to Segmented TV Advertising

Segmented TV advertising involves purchasing targeted TV ad slots based on audience data collected by internet service providers. This advertising solution offers advertisers the opportunity to communicate on television while minimizing wastage. While the concept is straightforward, what about its practical application? The process is equally straightforward, as long as you know the ropes. Here, we provide you with expert advice to successfully launch your segmented TV advertising campaign.

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Article Overview: A Step-by-Step Guide to Segmented TV Advertising

  1. Is Using an Agency Necessary for Segmented TV Advertising?
  2. Which Channels Support Segmented TV Advertising?
  3. When Should You Opt for Segmented TV Advertising?
  4. Duration of Segmented TV Ad Spots
  5. Key Considerations Before Launching Your Segmented Ad Campaign
  6. Should You Seek ARPP Approval for Your Segmented TV Ad?
  7. Ensuring the Successful Broadcast of Your Segmented TV Ad


Is Using an Agency Necessary for Segmented TV Advertising?

Segmented TV advertising is a relatively recent development in France. Currently, it's advisable to collaborate with an advertising agency to navigate this system effectively. Transactions occur through direct negotiation. All you need to do is contact an agency, share your advertising budget and targeting criteria. For personalized assistance, you can also request guidance via our website to ensure a seamless segmented TV advertising experience.

Programmatic buying of segmented TV ad slots has been possible since April 2022 on TF1 channels through The Trade Desk platform.

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Which Channels Support Segmented TV Advertising?

While the range of channels offering segmented TV advertising is currently somewhat limited, it is still diverse enough to match your targeting requirements.

Segmented TV advertising is available on prominent channels like TF1, France 2, ARTE, and M6. Additionally, you can also advertise on:

  • France 3
  • France 5
  • W9
  • 6ter
  • TMC
  • TFX Series
  • BFM TV
  • BFM Story
  • C8

In 2023, Canal+ Brand Solution is set to expand its segmented TV advertising offerings to include its flagship channel, Canal+.

When Should You Opt for Segmented TV Advertising?

In reality, anyone can leverage segmented TV advertising due to its exceptional targeting capabilities that minimize wastage. It's an ideal solution for advertisers operating with a limited budget or those seeking to avoid message wastage in their TV commercials.

Remember, the success of your advertising campaign hinges on strategic planning and understanding your audience's preferences. By utilizing segmented TV advertising effectively, you can optimize your outreach efforts and maximize your message's impact.

For more in-depth insights and practical tips, continue reading our comprehensive guide to segmented TV advertising.


Duration of a Segmented TV Ad Spot

Comme un spot pub TV segmentée est une publicité qui vient remplacer un spot publicitaire classique, il faut que la durée de la pub segmentée soit identique à celle de la publicité classique. Ainsi, il est préférable, voir nécessaire, que votre spot publicitaire en TV segmentée possède une durée de 15, 20 ou 30 secondes.


Key Factors to Consider Before Embarking on Segmented Advertising:

Precise Targeting with Segmented TV

One of the most influential aspects of segmented TV advertising is its ability to achieve precise targeting based on various parameters, including socio-demographics, geographic location, viewer behavior, and more. Consequently, the primary parameter to focus on before launching your segmented TV campaign is TV targeting. This data will determine whether this medium can effectively reach your audience and if initiating a segmented TV campaign aligns with your goals.

Length of the Ad Spot

The second pivotal parameter to take into account is the length of your ad spot. Beyond merely replacing the original spot, the duration of your ad spot dictates the cost of your segmented TV campaign. The rationale is straightforward: the cost per mille (CPM) varies according to spot duration. Thus, a 20-second segmented TV ad will be more cost-effective than a 30-second spot.

Tracking in a Retargeting Segmented TV Campaign

Should you plan to execute a retargeting segmented TV campaign—targeting viewers who previously saw your TV ad campaign—you must strategize ahead of time. It's during the launch of your initial ad spot (the one preceding your segmented spot) that you need to inform the advertising agency of your intent to initiate a retargeting campaign. This allows them to incorporate a tracker accordingly.

Should You Seek ARPP Approval for Your Segmented TV Ad?

Similar to traditional TV ads, obtaining validation from the ARPP (Professional Advertising Regulation Authority)—the governing body for advertising—is necessary for your segmented TV ad. However, note that this service comes at a cost.

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Verifying Successful Broadcast of Your Segmented TV Ad

While it might be challenging for you to ascertain the exact dissemination of your segmented TV ad in households that match your targeting criteria, advertising agencies possess this capability. Therefore, these agencies can furnish you with a comprehensive dissemination report at the conclusion of your segmented advertising campaign period.

In essence, mastering the nuances of segmented TV advertising empowers you to effectively connect with your desired audience, optimize costs, and ensure a successful campaign outcome. For further insights and practical guidance, delve into our comprehensive guide on navigating the intricacies of segmented TV advertising.

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