How does an advertising agency proceed to monitor your social media ads campaign

If you’re an advertiser, you’ve probably met an agency asking for huge fees without actually knowing what you have or would have paid for. If numerous advertising agencies obviously get overpaid, social media advertising remains a real challenge that requires a lot of skills and experience.

Discover the 5 steps that generally constitute the structure of a social media advertising campaign management service :

  1. Briefing
  2. Resizing and editing
  3. Targeting
  4. Optimization
  5. Reporting


This is the most important step in the collaborative process between an advertiser and an agency. The advertiser must share the most accurate information while the agency must take the time to focus on each element. This step will determine the relevance of a media campaign.

Resizing and editing

If you produced visuals for your campaign, the agency will always have to work on the formats (size, formats…). Every visual needs to be adapted to fit different advertising formats. This work requires the use of specifics software like Photoshop or Illustrator, even if you already worked with a designer.

Editer format pour campagne reseaux sociaux


Targeting is one of the most important elements when it comes to social media advertising. The agency needs to gather multiple parameters to make sure your message reaches the right audience. Indeed, having a precise target doesn’t always mean that the audience is easy to reach! All your data and ideas cannot be used to parameter a targeting tool. Your advertising expert will do his best to get as close as possible to your standard profile.


Optimization is the daily work of an agency. Once your campaigns are launched, your partner analyzes the performances and will make many changes (wordings, targeting parameters, visuals, call-to-action…). This is called A-B testing. Each element’s impact will help the agency finding the best formula to spend your budget. This means a single campaign is actually built with several campaigns.


Reporting is a key step for an advertising campaign. Whether your campaign was successful or not, solid reporting is the base of your reflection for your next steps. It will help you to identify where you are doing well and overall where you need to do better.

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