Should you really communicate during the summer ?

Summer. Sales. Holidays.

So many favorable reasons to put your brand forward.
Paradoxically, it is the season when the least advertisers communicate.
You may know, press is a highly seasonal market.
Summer is a “hollow” period for many media.

However, communicating during the summer is suitable for:

• Emerging more easily because there is less advertising in magazines
• Enjoying larger circulation summer especially on people magazines
• Gaining market share easily and stand out
• Getting  attractive deals through competitive offers offered by media
Some advertisers have even built their media strategy taking advantage of the seasonality of the market.

Take a look at these media offers made during summer 2015 :

APP, Average price per page is much lower with those offers. Here Public, a people French magazine sells 6 pages for 18 000€ whereas the gross rate for one page only is 14 600€. We have another offer with L'Express, Le Figaro Magazine and Le Point, 3 main news French titles combine an offer: 21 000€ for 1 page in each. Total gross rate should be 96 000€, this is almost 80% off. Last offer is from M Publicité, (Challenges, le Monde, L'Obs…) you choose your brand and get a competitive price whatever mix you choose.

summer offers adintime

That’s why, we definitely encourage advertisers to communicate during the summer.

Obviously, this depends on your industry, but if you are on a B to C market, then you should definitely take advantage of the summer to start spreading your world.

ADINTIME connects advertisers and media on print opportunities, in France and International markets.

Have some communications plans for summer? Find the appropriate print media for your communication on our site !

The Adintime team

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