The quality of the followers, the crux of every Instagram account

Even before being an audience and a community. Subscribers are also an indicator of popularity and credibility for the public eye. Indeed, before judging you on the commitment of your community, an outside observer will hasten to form an opinion of your activity, simply looking at how many followers you got. It sounds a bit unfair when you think of the energy you need to build a community. Here’s why building a community with a qualified audience is the key.

The commitment, the major KPI. 

The importance of the quality of your audience is true at all scales. Between an account with 2,000 followers and an account with 5,000 followers, a brand will probably choose to work with the one that generates the most reactions. On a larger scale, an account with 100,000 followers with a higher commitment rate than an account with 300,000 followers will legitimately be able to charge more for its partnerships, despite a 3 times smaller number of subscribers. Instagram (like most social networks) strongly values accounts that generate commitment. Likes and especially shares and comments are vital. If the algorithms retain a great deal of mystery, it can be said with certainty that a publication with little commitment will necessarily have limited visibility.

Organic followers, your priority. 

Beyond a pure business vision, a strong commitment will also bring you much more than opportunities. An awakening curiosity of relevant accounts will grow your chances to reach users who don’t follow you. Other very simple feature like using the right hashtags, showing your location are very important. This visibility is the key to a qualified community. Generating likes and comments from popular accounts will potentially allow you to appear in the “Explorer” section which is one of Instagram’s most powerful channels for organic acquisition.

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Before launching paid acquisition campaigns, make sure you correctly use the various free tools at your disposal. The hashtags are obviously crucial (whether for publications or stories) but also the location, the polls and the questions… So many tools that will allow you to generate reactions to your publications and therefore, commitment!

Use paid followers acquisition campaigns in complement with an organic strategy

A great organic strategy is the best launch pad for a paid acquisition campaign. Being meticulous when it comes to producing and posting your content will help you get great performances from your paid campaigns. A successful acquisition campaign is always based on quality content and high frequency of publication (at least 3 times a week). Instagram will also rely on your followers to target your future followers. The algorithm uses your followers' interests and profiles who interact with your content to spread your ads. Reaching a qualified audience as soon as you start is vital to keep your follower base qualified. Here, we talk about a base because it’s nearly impossible to have 100% real followers. We can talk about a very good follower base when more than 80% of your followers are real.

Publicité instagram story

Today, the majority of professionals accounts know that buying followers isn’t a long term solution, but it’s a process that still exists. If you’re wondering about how to invest, make sure you invest in the production of great content first. The creation of a great organic strategy should also be your priority to make your paid acquisition campaign more efficient.

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