Top 5 ads on agriculture

France is a real leader in the agricultural world ahead of Germany and Italy with 77 billion euros of production in 2019. But how does France manage to get the French to consume? How does it manage to attract young people to the world of agriculture? It is, in part, by making creative advertisements on agriculture that it succeeds! So we've put together some of the best agricultural communications of recent years in this article.

But first, some figures on the agricultural sector in France:

  • France is Europe's leading beef producer
  • France is the world's leading exporter of wine
  • France is the 3rd largest European producer of chocolate products
  • France is Europe's leading producer of cereals
  • There are 1,200 varieties of cheese

Summary of the article: Top 5 ads on agriculture

  1. Agricultural advertisements to encourage young people to become committed farmers
  2. French agriculture week on FranceTV
  3. A committed advertisement by Crédit Agricole
  4. A touching advertisement for La Nouvelle Agriculture
  5. Advertising posters for champagne

A little bonus: we'll help you discover agricultural magazines!

Agricultural advertisements to encourage young people to become committed farmers

publicité agriculture jeunes agriculteurs

The only trade union for young farmers, the JACVL (Jeunes Agriculteur du Centre-Val de Loire) ran a communication campaign at the beginning of 2021. This digital campaign, pushed on YouTube and several other digital platforms, aimed to present the different jobs in the agricultural world. Whether it was a farmer, a cereal grower or a wine grower, the interest of this agricultural advertisement was also to highlight the diversity of agriculture.

Here is one of the videos posted on the Youtube channel of the Jeunes Agriculteurs Centre-Val de Loire:

Why encourage young people to become farmers?

More than 50% of farmers will cease their activity in the next ten years. It is therefore imperative to welcome and train future generations in order to preserve the agricultural world and therefore food production, economic and environmental issues.

French agriculture week on FranceTV and Radio France

During Agriculture Week in 2021, FranceTV publicité and Radio France publicité collaborated to give a voice to environmental and agricultural enthusiasts on their regional stations France 3 and France Bleu (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Normandie, Pays de la Loire, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur). The two broadcasters then further anchored their commitments in terms of sustainable development.

During the weeks of 13 to 26 May 2021, we were able to see the campaign "A sustainable commitment" produced by the Passion Céréales association.

Here is one of the campaign's video spots:

In these commercials dedicated to agriculture and sustainable development, we could see and hear the testimonies of 3 professionals presenting production, grain collection and processing. The portraits of these professionals highlight the work of farmers to ensure that everyone has the best possible food.

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Advertising by Crédit Agricole

At the beginning of May 2022, Crédit Agricole produced an advertisement for the agricultural world, stressing the importance of local and sustainable food. In this advert, Crédit Agricole thanks all those who ensure that the French consume healthy products that "come from here".

Why? This bank and insurance company is committed to financing all types of agriculture, encouraging all vocations and supporting all agricultural transitions. A hashtag was set up for the occasion (#EnsembleOnyarrivera) as well as a page on the Crédit Agricole website that is now dedicated to this commitment.

The campaign was broadcast on TV and digital.

(Re)Discover this advert to the tune of Charles Aznavour:

A touching advertisement for La Nouvelle Agriculture

In this TV campaign, we find farmers and their families in a day of work and sharing. "La Nouvelle Agriculture, the farmers' brand" wants to highlight their good and local products.

A 30-second TV ad to be broadcast at the end of 2020:

The advertisement has a ditty sung by a sweet child's voice in the background. The viewers appreciate and are even more touched when the ads are aimed at them.

Elegant advertising posters for champagne

Yes, champagne is part of the agricultural sector! And for our top agricultural advert, we chose an outdoor advert by photographer Lucy Sparks.

The visuals associate the alcoholic drink (champagne) with savoury/sweet dishes which, however, do not go together very well. A rather cool campaign to break the codes and rejuvenate champagne.

Discover these magnificent visuals:

publicité agriculture champagne

These are the two visuals that could be found in this poster campaign.

How was the campaign disseminated?

  • Number of posters and location of the campaign: 2000 posters in Paris, 7000 in total in France, 80 press advertisements, 3 videos on social networks
  • Target: men and women aged 25 to 40

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A little bonus: we'll help you discover agricultural magazines!

At Adintime, we like to help you discover new media for your next advertising campaign! Here we talk about agricultural magazines.

The NGPA group offers several magazines:

  • Terre-net: with a fortnightly frequency and distribution throughout France with 70,000 targeted farms, it is possible to advertise in this magazine to convey your know-how in the agricultural world.
  • La France Agricole: with a weekly frequency and a circulation of 112,459 copies throughout France, this specialised agricultural press will enable you to publicise your profession in the field of agriculture.
  • L'éleveur laitier: monthly with a circulation of 20,585 copies throughout France, this magazine aims to support both large and small farms.
  • Matériel Agricole: this monthly trade magazine is the leading source of information on all agricultural equipment.

Have you made your choice? Make your quotation in a few minutes and we will contact you very quickly!

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