Top 6 creative radio ads

Making a good radio spot is not a simple task for advertisers. It is important to stand out from the competition with the creation of an original, creative and emotional radio spot, but also to choose the right radio station with the right frequency. In short, your advertising message must be memorable for the listeners!

Radio is the 2nd most consulted media in France and represents more than 39 million listeners over 13 years old; broadcasting your advertisement via this channel is therefore a good strategy to work on the notoriety of your brand, the traffic at the point of sale as well as on a local and national scale!

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Are you looking for inspiration for your radio advert? You're in luck! We have selected 6 radio ads to inspire you!

Enjoy reading... or rather listening!

Article Summary: Top 6 creative radio ads

  1. Decathlon and its Christmas discounts
  2. FDJ goes on the radio!
  3. Auchan's audio ad for Black Friday
  4. A radio ad for the communication giant: Burger King
  5. A radio advert for Intermarché as summer approaches
  6. La Poste promotes its application on the radio

Decathlon and its Christmas discounts

It was during the Christmas season that the sports brand Decathlon proposed a humorous radio ad.

Many brands communicate during the festive season by offering discounts and products exclusively available during this period. The end of year festivities are important times for many brands. And Decathlon has understood this by sharing this advertisement on the radio!

Decathlon gives a good gift idea by highlighting a product in an everyday situation to push a Christmas promotion. By projecting the listener into this situation, they can identify themselves or someone they know who might need the product. More generally, Decathlon's audio spots have a very recognisable sound identity at the beginning and end of the spot.

In this first example, you have all the ingredients for a successful radio spot!

FDJ goes on the radio!

If you are a motorist or even a passenger, then you will recognise this ad very easily! Indeed, the FDJ (Française Des Jeux) has bet on the quality of this audio advertising campaign with its artistic side. A voice that stays in your head thanks to its musicality, a real artistic commitment by the FDJ for this ad.

It should be noted that advertisements for sports betting are subject to regulations that require the following statement to be included: "Gambling involves risks: debt, addiction... Call 09-74-75-13-13".

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Auchan's audio announcement for Black Friday

On 26 November 2021, NRJ radio broadcast an advert from Auchan for Black Friday. This advert was audible in Poitiers in reception at Buxerolles at 5.45pm.

This advertisement from the supermarket Auchan aims to sell high-tech products. Listeners can hear a nice promotion that makes them want to buy a refurbished iPhone with a 64 GB capacity.

At the end of this audio advert, the expression 'Black Friday' is translated as 'Vendredi Noir'. This is a mandatory clarification for all ads that include an English term; it must be translated into French.

A radio ad for the communication giant: Burger King

Last April, Burger King produced a radio advert. A 30-second spot that is simple, punchy and humorous, and that will catch the attention of listeners... Especially if you are looking for a new job!

This time the communication genius is proposing a recruitment campaign via a radio advert that starts with humour (again) "Another advert that nobody will listen to". And further on in the spot, Burger King states its desire to welcome new employees brimming with talent (which highlights the company's future employees); Burger King or the art of making candidates want to apply with this beautiful ad!

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Radio ad for Intermarché as summer approaches

To promote the summer fruit, Intermarché aired this radio advert during the summer period from 23 July 2021 to 29 August 2021.

This 30-second advert showed the importance of a brand's slogan. Indeed, one could hear "Intermarché, all united against the high cost of living". This was a good way of making the brand memorable.

For food advertisements, informative messages are mandatory for certain products. Statements such as "For your health, avoid snacking between meals" or "For your health, avoid eating too much fat, too much sugar or too much salt" must appear after the ad.

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La Poste promotes its application on the radio

It was from 23 July 2021 that La Poste began promoting its application for tracking parcels ordered by their customers. A radio advertisement featuring two protagonists: a man reassuring his wife about the tracking of her parcels using the La Poste application. The situation allows consumers to identify with this kind of everyday moment. A good example to encourage consumers to download the application.

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Now that you have some inspiration... all you need to know is how much a radio advert costs!

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