Top green ads

We have chosen to make a top with the best ecological ads. We have selected them both for their committed advertising message and for their eco-friendly format.

Summary of the top green ads:

  1. When Greenweez laughs at the environmental preachers!
  2. The responsible commitment of the Palladium brand
  3. Aigle reaffirms its sustainable and responsible values
  4. Find #leludemoncoeur
  5. Adidas: a step towards more ethical products
  6. Posters to raise awareness of the environmental cause in the Paris metro
  7. Green week by the M6 group

1. When Greenweez laughs at the environmental preachers!

We start this top with a touch of humour and the latest campaign from Greenweez.

Greenweez is a leading online shop for organic and eco-responsible products in France and Europe. In 2021, the brand has launched a new simple and light-hearted campaign. The idea is to tackle the subject of eco-responsibility with humour by caricaturing those who talk a lot and do little. In the eco-responsible advert, we see the comedian and humorist Nicoals Méryeux, playing a committed ecologist, giving lessons to wild animals in their natural habitat.

The campaign was launched in April 2021 on TV and is complemented by a web series also broadcast in April.

2- The responsible commitment of the Palladium brand

Palladium is a brand of shoes and tyres first! And yes, the brand uses the same process to make solid and comfortable shoes. It's an iconic brand for all backpackers.

In order to promote their new collection of eco-responsible and sustainable products "Earth Collection", the brand carried out an eco-responsible poster campaign throughout the different districts of Paris as well as in the cities of Bordeaux, Lyon, the tramway of Montpellier, Toulouse and Marseille with a poster device made of recycled paper and printed with vegetable ink. A green square could also be seen to underline the eco-responsible nature of the advertising campaign. It was distributed to 7 million French people in October 2020.

Communication écologique - Palladium - affiche papier recyclé encre vegetale

3- Aigle reaffirms its sustainable and responsible values

In one of its latest communications, Aigle wishes to reaffirm its eco-responsible values. In 1992, the brand published an "Ethical Traveller's Guide" advocating that "only the footprint of our steps remains". This advert takes up these codes and offers a moving video of two sisters passing on a down jacket.

4- Find #léludemoncoeur

It is sometimes difficult to stand out in the political landscape and to mobilise candidates for municipal elections on the subject of the ecological emergency. This is why WWF France has chosen the 2020 municipal elections to challenge candidates and propose them to take measures that will have an impact on the environment with the #léludemoncoeur campaign. This offbeat campaign, which is distributed on social networks and in the classified ads of the national and local press, was launched on the occasion of Valentine's Day 2020.

Campagne WWF - Publicité écologique - Leludemoncoeur

5- Adidas : a step towards more ethical products

For several years, Stan Smith has been directing its communications towards more eco-responsible and sustainable values. In March 2021, we saw further evidence of this commitment with a video announcing that 50% of its new shoe model is made from recycled materials.

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

Une publication partagée par adidas Paris (@adidasparis)

In the next 12 months, the brand also wants to market a shoe made from a mushroom, a renewable substitute for natural leather!

6- Posters to raise environmental awareness in the Paris metro

Since Monday 16 May 2022, users of the Paris metro could see the IPCC posters in 108 stations in the capital. The posters are in 4x3 format and can be seen by 5 million Parisian metro passengers every day.

publicité écologique giec

>>> Discover all the formats of advertising displays.

The visual of the poster: a planet in the form of a burger that looked like an advertisement for a delivery platform.

publicité écologique rapport du giec

This campaign, distributed by Mediatransports, aimed to draw the public's attention to the latest IPCC report, published in April 2022. At the bottom of the poster, a QR code leads to a summary of the "10 key points of the latest IPCC report". This is an initiative of the "For an ecological awakening" collective, which aims to publicise this document in order to raise awareness among the French about respect for the environment.

7- The green week by the M6 group

From 5 to 13 February 2022, M6 launched the 3rd edition of Green Week with media content focused on the environmental cause and raising awareness of ecology in France. The first two editions had gathered more than 30 million viewers.

How the green week worked: More than 60 hours of information and entertainment programmes related to the environment, including the programme "REWILD" on M6, which was entitled "Nature takes back its rights", as well as the 12:45 and 19:45 news programmes, which dealt with environmental topics. Les Grosses Têtes was also part of the green week with debates on ecological issues.

The editorial charter of the M6 group was transformed into green for the occasion:

logo groupe m6 semaine green

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