Does segmented TV work? 2022 key data

Since 2020, advertisers have been able to use segmented TV advertising in France, which means broadcasting their TV commercials only to households that are part of their target audience. After two years of activity, the first results of the impact of segmented advertising on the brands that have used it have been released. In March 2023, the SNPTV (National TV Advertising Union) presented the results of advertising campaigns carried out with segmented TV and their effectiveness. The question arises: does this device work? Let's discover the results together.

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Summary of the article: Does segmented TV work? 2022 key data

  1. Segmented TV advertising: a format more accessible to the French and more popular with advertisers
  2. Segmented TV advertising proves effective
  3. Segmented TV advertising: a device that will increase in effectiveness


Segmented TV advertising: a format more accessible to the French and more popular with advertisers

According to the SNPTV report, 6.2 million French households were eligible for segmented TV at the end of the first half of 2022. The number of TV households is growing, as 6.6 million households are now eligible for segmented advertising (end of second half of 2022). This is a 20% increase compared to the second half of 2021. For the moment, no data concerning the number of individuals reached by segmented TV has been communicated.

However, the SNPTV has precise data about the number of segmented TV campaigns launched in 2022 and the figures reflect a real craze among advertisers for the format. In fact, more than 1,300 advertising campaigns were carried out in segmented TV in 2022, a threefold increase compared to 2021. A closer look at the numbers shows growth in the same year: 44% of ad campaigns were broadcast in the first half of 2022 and 56% in the second half.

And no less than 700 advertisers have decided to give this new advertising device a chance. As for the sector of activity of the advertisers, we find:

  • 15% automotive brands
  • 12% tourism and catering companies
  • 12% distribution companies
  • 9% service companies 
  • 8% banks and insurance companies.

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Segmented TV advertising proves effective

Despite its recent creation, segmented TV advertising has nothing to envy to classic TV advertising. The year 2022 has proven the effectiveness of this advertising device, and the numbers speak for themselves.

In terms of sales, companies that have used segmented TV advertising report up to a 24% increase in incremental revenue:

  • +1 and +3% incremental sales for Cora Private Label (retail sector) ;
  • +5% incremental sales for Brets (food);
  • +7% to +27% incremental sales for Corala (food).

The SNPTV emphasizes that segmented TV advertising also helps to increase traffic in stores: Gifi (specialized distribution) noted an 11% increase in visits to its stores after its segmented campaign.

And the traffic on the brands' websites is not left out:

  • E-2008 (automotive sector) saw a 6-fold increase in visits to its product web pages;
  • Deliveroo reported a 5% increase in visits and an 11% increase in orders placed on its platform.

These results are not only valid for large companies: the SNPTV report explains that segmented TV advertising is effective regardless of brand size.

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Segmented TV advertising: a device that will increase in effectiveness

The success of segmented TV is not about to stop and should even be multiplied. The SNPTV explains that the next few years should see an increase in the number of communication operators eligible for segmented TV. In addition, the performance of the device should be increased thanks to the introduction of third-party data allowing more precise targeting for advertisers.

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