How influencer marketing works ?

Article Summary: How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Before establishing any partnership with an influencer, you must first ask yourself about your objectives and understand how influencer marketing works. Do you want to increase your visibility, sell specific products, or gain more exposure? The clearer and better-defined your objective is from the start, the easier it will be to choose the right influencers and the right KPIs to track your campaigns.

The next step is to conduct an analysis to choose the right influencer based on your industry, the product or service you're selling, etc. The influencer should have a coherent connection with what you can offer.

Different Types of Influencers

To understand the functioning of influencer marketing, it is necessary to first analyze the types of influencers.

There are several types of influencers, which are further classified based on the size of their community.

First, we have major celebrities who will require substantial budgets to launch a collaboration. However, partnering with the right celebrity can bring you significant visibility.

We can then distinguish three other main categories:

  • Macro-influencers: these influencers have extensive communities, ranging from tens of thousands to several million fans. Their strength lies in the size and diversity of their audience, reaching various domains. For example, we could mention Océane, who has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok:

Océane influencer

  • Micro-influencers: often referred to as "human-sized influencers," micro-influencers stand out for the engagement they generate within their community. Their proximity to their audience is more pronounced compared to macro-influencers. It's often observed that the engagement rate is proportionally higher than that of a macro-influencer or even a celebrity. They are becoming increasingly valuable for obtaining relevant feedback and promoting products authentically. This is a good solution for reaching a reasonably large, targeted, and engaged audience.
  • Here is an example of a micro-influencer: Emma Laurent

Emma Laurent influencer

  • Nano-influencers: Nano-influencers have smaller communities of tens of thousands of followers, but their engagement is still notable. They often focus on niches or are driven by passion, prioritizing quality over quantity. Here is an example of a nano-influencer: lilix.lilix

Lilix Lilix influencer

This category of influencers is expected to gain importance for businesses in the future due to their ability to generate meaningful interactions within their specific audiences while offering more affordable rates for companies.

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How to Initiate Contact with an Influencer

To establish contact with an influencer, you can try to reach out to them directly through their various channels (usually their social networks). However, to do this, you'll need to make a standout contact with authenticity. You must be clear and transparent in your proposal while showing respect for the influencer's creativity.

Alternatively, you can go through a platform that is in direct contact with influencers: Adintime offers a wide range of influencers and provides free quotes for your influencer campaigns.

Using Adintime to launch your influencer marketing campaigns allows you to entrust this project to experts who know how influencer marketing works.

Various Contents/Approaches Offered by Influencers

The influencer will create sponsored content to promote the brand's products or services. This content can take various forms, such as blog articles, videos, social media posts, product reviews, stories, etc.

  • Sponsoring: This approach involves sponsoring content created by an influencer by placing the brand's logo or message in the video, post, story, etc. This allows brands to gain visibility while associating with the influencer.

  • Product Placement: Product placement involves integrating a brand's product or service more or less subtly into the influencer's content. This technique may include natural interactions with the product and can be directly reinforced by calls to action (CTAs) to encourage the audience to learn more or simply purchase the product.

  • Brand Content: Brand content goes further by closely collaborating with the influencer to create custom content. Here, the influencer plays a central role in the design and realization of the content, showcasing the brand in an authentic and engaging manner. This approach is ideal for brands that want to tell a specific story or promote a particular message.

Then, depending on the agreement between the brand and the influencer, the content will be either broadcast on the influencer's social media channels, exposing the brand to their audience. This implies that the content must be authentic and in line with the influencer's style to maximize its impact.

In another scenario, the influencer will create the content and provide it directly to the brand for it to be broadcast on its distribution channels.

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Using an influencer can be a real engagement strategy. Influencers interact with their audience by responding to comments, organizing contests, or encouraging other forms of engagement. This strengthens the relationship between the influencer and their followers, and in a way, it brings you credibility and visibility.

Influencer marketing is an increasingly adopted strategic choice by companies. It offers the opportunity to reach a diverse audience through authentic influencer recommendations, reinforcing consumer trust while personalizing the message the advertiser wants to convey. Influencer marketing strategy also provides tangible performance metrics, which play a crucial role in the success of these marketing campaigns.

Brands have a lot to gain by leveraging the power of influencers to expand their reach, enhance their credibility, and achieve measurable results, making it an essential approach to remain competitive.

And there you have it, you now know everything about how influencer marketing works. For any inquiries, feel free to request a quote for your next influencer campaign.

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