The most read magazines in 2022

Results of the ranking of the top 30 most read magazines in 2022

This year, the women's magazine Version Femina takes the lead in the top 30 most read magazines in 2022 with 2,105,875 circulation in France. However, the magazine is still down 5.1% on its evolution. We notice in this top 30 that the most read magazine in 2022, TV Magazine, is no longer in the ranking.

Indeed, the magazine with more than 3.9 million circulations in France (2022) has been removed. This is partly due to a breach of contract between the publisher (the Figaro group) and the regional press titles that distributed it. The increase in the cost of paper has also continued to this unexpected suppression. But TV Magazine is not defeated and will be replaced by a new magazine called Diverto from the beginning of 2023. This replacement magazine is expected to have a circulation of over 3 million copies.

In 2022, new magazines integrate the top 30 of the ranking like the fashion and beauty magazine Prima which counts 243136 paid circulation in France. It is also the magazine which sees its rate of evolution the most increased among this top 30, with 7,65 %.

RankTittleperiodicityPaid circulation in France*Evolution %

Version Femina

Hebdomadaire2 105 875-5,10%
2Famille et éducation - magazine de l'appelBimestriel948 7871,53%
3Merci pour l'infoMensuel853 2540,78%
4Télé 7 joursHebdomadaire827 793-7,75%
5Télé ZHebdomadaire692 610-7,45%
6Notre tempsMensuel633 907-6,03%
7Télé StarHebdomadaire575 795-7,15%
8TV Grandes ChaînesBimensuel575 5731,15%
9Télé 2 semainesbimensuel537 6953,68%
10Télé LoisirsHebdomadaire516 212-0,02%
11Paris MatchHebdomadaire485 934-3,35%
12M Le magazine du MondeHebdomadaire472 2545,90%
13TéléramaHebdomadaire444 732 -4,65%
14Télécable sat HebdoHebdomadaire432 541-5,80%
15Femme ActuelleHebdomadaire420 667-7,82%
16Pleine VieMensuel419 013-9,69%
17Madame FigaroHebdomadaire383 9341,13%
18Le Figaro MagazineHebdomadaire374 8720,23%
19Le PointHebdomadaire303 4716,98%
20AvantagesMensuel290 655-10,02%
21ElleHebdomadaire288 784-8,06%
22Marie ClaireMensuel287 001-7,52%
23Le ParticulierMensuel285 554-5,24%
24Télé PocheHebdomadaire285 196-7,94%
25MaxiHebdomadaire280 898-3,83%
26Santé MagazineMensuel271 495-0,13%
27L'Ancien d'AlgérienMensuel253 774-5,99%
28Maison CréativeBimensuel250 7262,28%
29PrimaMensuel243 1367,65%

Le Parisien/aujourd'hui en France week-end

Hebdomadaire223 993

*Paid circulation in France = number of subscribers

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