Top 10 best Christmas commercials of the last 5 years

Christmas. This magical time of the year, full of joy, laughter, gifts, good food... and also very creative ads! Because yes, the end of year celebrations are an occasion like any other for companies to speak out with sometimes a touch of originality and festivity. And we've gathered a few of them for you: one ad broadcast in France and another one abroad. So, without further ado, here's a look at the best Christmas ads of the last five years!

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Article Summary: Top 10 best Christmas commercials of the last 5 years

  1. The best Christmas commercials aired 2018
  2. The best Christmas commercials aired 2019
  3. The best Christmas commercials aired 2020
  4. The best Christmas commercials aired 2021
  5. The best Christmas commercials aired 2022


The best Christmas commercials aired 2018

Bouygues Telecom presents an unforgettable ad - France

Many people immediately think of the father's dance steps when they hear the notes of Come And Get Your Love by the band Redbone (or Peter Quill). Bouygues Telecom's Unforgettable Christmas is a perfect example of a campaign that seems to be so simple and yet makes the viewer feel a plethora of emotions. With a fitting title for a campaign that made a lasting impression in 2018!

Spending Christmas stuck in an elevator... the dream? - Italy

Being stuck in an elevator, with a stranger, on Christmas Eve... it can sound like the beginning of a nightmare for many of us, but not when that elevator happens to be the one of an Ikea store! An original idea from Ikea Italy that perfectly illustrates how its furniture is now a must in the construction of our homes: spending Christmas in an elevator is not so unpleasant when you have enough to create a small home.


The best Christmas commercials aired 2019

Orange's Connected House helps children capture Santa Claus - France

On l’a !” ("We've got him!" - free translation) is the name of the campaign that Orange launched in November 2019, which is not without reminding us of the adventures of Kevin in Mommy, I missed the plane. Except that in this spot, children have a great ally to catch Santa Claus: the Connected House of the telecommunications company.

Christmas is a time for sharing, but not when it comes to chips - United Kingdom

Can we say the Christmas season has truly begun if there are no commercials for Mariah Carey's BGM All I Want For Christmas is You? Wlakers Crisps has opened the festivities in 2019 by revealing what Mariah Carey really wants for Christmas and it's nothing but a bag of chips. Chips that she's not willing to share with anyone, even in this time of sharing that is Christmas.


The best Christmas commercials aired 2020

Cultura always has a little something for those who want nothing for Christmas - France

Look what you did to Santa those who "want nothing"! We all know that person who doesn't want anything for Christmas and we don't know what to give him. Fortunately Cultura is there with the best-seller "approved by millions of French people", I named the gift card!

IGA promotes sharing with love - Canada

Here's a spot that warms our hearts and brings tears to our eyes. IGA, the Canadian supermarket chain, tells a moving story of sharing in this short two-minute animated film.


The best Christmas commercials aired 2021

Carrefour unveils "The Christmas Ingredient" - France

In 2021, Carrefour has honored all the people who are mobilized on a daily basis to bring help to the most underprivileged, through a spot gathering the testimonies of their employees and their customers.

John Lewis & Partner is always ready to welcome your unexpected visitors - United Kingdom

Got a last-minute guest from outer space? Fortunately, John Lewis & Partner is here to help you welcome that love from the stars, as illustrated in this commercial entitled "The Unexpected Guest" airing in 2021 in the UK.


The best Christmas commercials aired 2022

Bouygues Telecom reveals Santa's phone number - France

Building on the success of its #AllôPapaNoël operation from the previous year, Boygues Telecom, in collaboration with Whatsapp and Santa Claus, has decided to repeat the experience in 2022. And to unveil the phone number, the telecom company gives us a glimpse of Santa's preparations to be at the top on D-day, to the rhythm of Call Me Maybe.

World Cup Soccer overshadows Jon Hamm's Santa Claus - USA

The soccer World Cup takes place in winter, but nobody had the idea to warn Santa Claus! It is through two TV spots, with Jon Hamm in the role of Santa Claus, that Fox Sport decided to remind, with a lot of irony, that this year, the World Cup would start in November and that it would be broadcast on its channel in the United States.

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