TOP 7 of the best back-to-school ads campaigns in 2021

Did you miss the latest back-to-school advertisements? Don't panic! We've put together a ranking of the 7 most memorable ads of the fall season.

Summary of of the best back-to-school ads campaigns in 2021:

  • Bonobo is committed to sustainable consumption and production
  • A digital campaign for young people at Boursorama Banque
  • For the start of the 2021 school year, RTL is daring!
  • SFR launches a 360° campaign for the new school year
  • A TV and digital campaign for SNCF
  • Ligue 1 and Uber Eats: "It's good to love football
  • Advertising for the vaccine between the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Skyrock

Bonobo is committed to sustainable consumption and production

For the start of the 2021 school year, the eco-responsible brand Bonobo has produced its first television advertising campaign. Fashion pieces designed by Audrey Janssens and Wandy Sinesi-Giusti. The two employees will present their new collection made from recycled materials.

A moving advertisement

To confirm its positioning as an environmentally conscious brand, Bonobo is launching a 360° advertising campaign. The brand is delighted with this new collection because today, this eco-responsible range represents half of its sales.

Also, to support this desire to offer more eco-responsible products, the brand has launched an environmental display on its products. More than 450 references are evaluated according to environmental criteria on its online platform to help Internet users measure the ecological impact of their clothing purchases.

By 2021, the brand's products will be made of at least 15% recycled materials. A goal that Bonobo had set for 2024.

A digital campaign for young people at Boursorama Banque

Since 11 August, Boursorama Banque has been making a name for itself with its new advertising campaign: "Do what you want with your money, but don't spend it with us". The campaign is aimed at students and states that with WELCOME, they have a free bank card. This digital advertisement targets a young population. Indeed, these young people are progressively entering active life and start spending their money without really managing their budget. With WELCOME, they will be able to spend without touching their savings thanks to free banking operations, no more bank fees!

The campaign consists of 5 films where the brand shows that students can save €208 per year on average.

On which platforms can you find this campaign ?

It can be found mainly on digital platforms targeting students and young professionals such as :

  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • 6play
  • Social networks

For the start of the 2021 school year, RTL is daring !

publicité RTL revivre ensemble

Since 23 August 2021, RTL has been running a national poster campaign until 7 September on 7,510 2m² panels. The aim of this campaign is to reconcile opposing views on both political and social issues.

This advertising campaign is being carried out to promote its new programmes on the theme of "Revivre Ensemble". This new theme is the declination of "Living together" made a few years ago.

>>> Discover our article on the preparation of an advertising campaign.

SFR offers a 360° campaign for the start of the school year

"With Red by SFR, it's green, it's clear", this slogan, which has been stuck in our heads for several years, is even more explicit through this advertising campaign. Since 24 August, we understand that the brand's ambition is to simplify its customers' lives with its new fibre subscriptions and mobile packages at the best price WITHOUT COMMITMENT!

How does SFR stand out with this advertising campaign?

SFR offers a 360° advertising campaign "LES SERIAL KIFFEURS" in several formats :

  • National TV channels
  • Online videos
  • Radio 
  • Social networks 

An advertising saga with a humorous tone that takes up everyday situations that bring out the egocentric side in us.

A TV and digital campaign for SNCF

Since 29 August 2021 (and until 12 September 2021), the SNCF has been broadcasting its new brand campaign on various platforms. The campaign is in the form of a film-manifesto, called "Hexagonal", which aims to renew the historical link between the SNCF and the French people.

On which media is the campaign broadcast?

The SNCF chose to broadcast its campaign on TV and digital, but also on traditional outdoor billboards (OOH) and digital billboards (DOOH).

Ligue 1 and Uber Eats: "It's good to love football"

44 contextualised billboards have been produced by Uber Eats for the return of the Ligue 1. Throughout the season, all these video clips will be broadcast before, during and after the matches. They feature football fans enjoying food delivered by Uber Eats. These videos are all personalised for each Ligue 1 club.

You can watch these advertising campaigns from September 1, 2021 (and until May 21, 2022) on the TF1, M6 and L'Équipe channels. You will also find it on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

Advertising for the vaccine between the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Skyrock

publicité ministère de la santé et skyrock vaxibus

A rather surprising collaboration between the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Skyrock. Surprising, yes, but very ingenious! Indeed, these two protagonists have decided to join forces to create Vaxibus. The Ministry and Skyrock are proposing a unique experience: get vaccinated to have the opportunity to record a message that can be broadcast on Skyrock.

What is Vaxibus ?

Vaxibus is a semi-trailer equipped with medical equipment and a qualified team to inject doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The vehicle will travel to several cities in France to encourage young people to be vaccinated.

The "Ça va? Ça vax" tour will start on 13 September and end on 9 October 2021.

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