The 10 best Intermarché ads

Intermarché is one of the giants of the supermarket industry, along with Carrefour and Leclerc. And for several years now, Intermarché has been focusing more and more on communication. According to the Kantar study on the top advertisers in 2021, Intermarché is in 5th place behind Lidl, E. Leclerc, Procter & Gamble and Renault. Despite its position in the top 5 and +0.7% of advertising investment VS 2020, Intermarché has lost 3 places in this ranking. The media on which it has invested the most are

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Poster advertising

The shops want to stand out from the competition with their advertisements, all more original than the others. We've put together 10 just for you.

But before you discover these 10 ads, here are some facts about this French company:

  • The company belongs to the "Les Mousquetaires" group
  • The company was founded in 1969 by Jean-Pierre Le Roch
  • A slogan that sticks in your mind: "All united against the high cost of living".
  • For several years now, the company has been trying to reach the French with touching and moving communications

We won't keep you waiting any longer, here are the 10 best Intermarché ads!

Summary of the 10 best Intermarché ads

  1. A new edition for the 50th anniversary of Intermarché
  2. A nice text from Intermarché in the press for Christmas Eve
  3. A little love in an Intermarché TV ad
  4. The arrival of Intermarché on TikTok
  5. After TikTok, it's on podcasts that Intermarché is settling in
  6. Intermarché and its solidarity screens with Médiatransports
  7. A daring advertisement from Intermarché!
  8. A moving film for the start of the school year by Intermarché
  9. A new offer by Intermarché for the post-confinement period
  10. Another long format ad for Intermarché

A new edition for the 50th anniversary of Intermarché

publicité Intermarché produits époque

It was for its 50th anniversary in 2019 that the brand decided to bring out everyday products ... in their old packaging!

Packaging that everyone remembers: the jar of Amora mustard with a beautiful drawing like Goldorak, the bottle of Teisseire syrup, the jar of Nivea cream that we love for its navy blue packaging or the St Michel cakes ... everything was there!

In addition to its advertising, Intermarché had put back on the shelves all these iconic products that had disappeared from the supermarkets.

An advertisement imagined and realized to recall good memories to the French. Discover it right here :

A TV campaign featuring Évelyne Leclercq, a personality from the 1970s, to present this new Intermarché advert. A great TV moment for this presenter symbolising the return of the products of the era and her return to the screens for this commercial.

The advert was visible in May 2019 on TV, on social networks and also in the press with the following visuals:

publicité Intermarché presse

publicité Intermarché presse magazine

publicité Intermarché presse sir teisseire

A nice advertising text from Intermarché in the press for Christmas Eve

In December 2019, Intermarché successfully used a long text to wish the French a happy Christmas Eve in several magazines. The company decided to publish a long full-page text in the press. Here it is:

publicité Intermarché presse réveillon

It is noticeable that the Intermarché logo did not appear on the page: simplicity was chosen for this advertisement. A great initiative from the brand to reach the French by accompanying them even to Christmas dinner.

A little love in an Intermarché TV ad

In 2020, Intermarché was back with a TV commercial called "L'amour tout court". The supermarket presented its Drive service: easier and faster.

The 27-second Intermarché commercial showed two lovebirds falling in love all over again, but this time only a few seconds were needed. Why? Because these two people are at the Intermarché Drive: and everything is faster at the Drive service!

The chain has the most developed Drive service with 1,673 stations available in France.

Intermarché's TV advertising campaign was also accompanied by press and digital communication with these visuals:

publicité Intermarché drive

publicité Intermarché presse drive

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The arrival of Intermarché on TikTok

A first in the world of retail: Intermarché landed on TikTok on 23 June 2020!

publicité intermarché tiktok

From 23 June to 4 July, Intermarché was the first to set up on TikTok in France with a large-scale communication campaign. The company played the game of the social network by developing a two-week campaign to present its low-priced products and its Drive service. The format chosen was the "Brand Take Over": the advertising video is proposed directly when the application is opened.

On 26 June, the brand decided to reinforce its campaign with the hashtag #PourToi, which allows greater visibility.

After TikTok, Intermarché is moving into podcasts

The brand continued to innovate to celebrate its 50th anniversary!

Intermarché inaugurates the podcast offer by TF1 Pub. The advertising format on podcasts is an interesting and innovative new tool: it offers brands a new communication medium that is both engaging and close to home.

publicité Intermarché podcast

In July 2020, Intermarché launched its podcast advertising (the first advertiser in France to communicate on TF1 Pub podcasts). Intermarché had launched a pre-roll device on podcasts with several themes with an anniversary commercial (created for their 50th anniversary).

You can also find a series of podcasts created to tell the story of Intermarché, notably entitled "The Musketeers' story in podcasts". A great initiative launched in 2019 to let consumers get to know the "Mousquetaires" group a little more intimately. These podcasts are available on the Les Mousquetaires website.

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Intermarché and its solidarity screens with Médiatransports

publicité Intermarché média transports

From 17 to 31 August 2020 and on 1,350 Médiatransports screens, these solidarity screens could be found in nearly 70 RER stations in Ile-de-France and SNCF stations throughout France.

Travellers could view a DOOH advertising campaign for Intermarché that generated 1% of its gross budget in donations to an association each time it was broadcast. The chosen association was Secours Populaire.

These solidarity screens also showed the status of donations to the association.

A daring advertisement from Intermarché!

It was by publishing an advertisement in the press that the Intermarché brand had decided, at the beginning of November 2020, to develop the "Drive Solidaire" and above all not to encourage consumers to buy on the Amazon platform.

publicité Intermarché amazon presse

It was for the sake of containment that Intermarché had wanted to insist on purchases in local shops. The "Drive Solidaire" service allowed bookshops, for example, to market their books on the Intermarché application.

An advertisement that could be seen in the print media at the beginning of November 2020. This advertisement deserves its place in the best Intermarché advertisements.

Intermarché on Snapchat to present its new service

At the beginning of 2021, Intermarché innovated again by using Snapchat's augmented reality to introduce its new "Consomieux" service. This unique feature appeals to users and helps consumers understand what to eat and what not to eat and therefore what to buy.

The Consomieux service allows consumers to select products according to their preferences directly on the app or in-store. By scanning products, consumers are guided to the best choice according to their profile. For example, if the buyer is on a diet, the application will select the appropriate products, and the same applies to people with allergies... Overall, Consomieux already provides information on more than 2,000 products.

publicité Intermarché snapchat

Intermarché had imagined a Snapchat "Lens". The aim? To boost downloads of the retailer's application. Snap Ads were also used to encourage users of the platform to use the Consomieux application.

A moving back-to-school film by Intermarché

It was for the start of the school year 2021 that an Intermarché advertisement was released with a new film entitled "A place to live". This new short film took us to a village in the south of France where a young teacher was posted after his studies. All the children and parents of the pupils were mobilised to prepare a farewell dinner for him before he left. A pretty French song and a beautiful story presented this emotional mini-film.

With this advertising campaign, Intermarché wanted to highlight the conviviality and sharing that the French had missed so much. The brand's aim is once again to get closer to consumers.

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A new offer by Intermarché for the post-confinement period

In January 2022, a new advertising offer was broadcast on the radio for consumers coming out of confinement. "For the purchase of one organic product, the other is 68% off" is what the advertisement offers to listeners and consumers. Here is the extract:

Another long format advertisement for Intermarché

In March 2021, Intermarché broadcast a brand new advert. And unlike the classic ads, this one lasts almost 3 minutes. This advert tells the story of a father who picks up his son at the end of school, we let you discover the rest below:

"We're going to have a nice dinner tonight," the father tells his son, before saying that he's going to "make his favourite dish: cream schnitzel". But he soon discovers that this is unfortunately no longer his favourite dish. "That used to be my favourite dish. Now it's pasta Bolognese", the young boy replies. A few moments later, the boy hands him a sandwich and says to his father, "We'll do better tomorrow, you'll see," promises the young child.

This mini-film is a continuation of the Intermarché saga, which has been produced since 2017. This saga has been awarded 5 times at Cannes as well as the Effie Grand Prix in France and Europe.

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